Disbursement of Aid

Indiana University has encouraged all campuses to curtail default rates. In an effort to do this beginning fall 2014, financial aid will begin crediting student accounts on Tuesday after the first week of classes.  This means the first possible day for the Bursar’s office to start releasing refunds will be on Wednesday during the second week of classes.   Please plan to either pay out of pocket for books or elect to utilize our Cougar Card EZ deposit to purchase books at our Barnes and Noble bookstore. Students may elect to utilize the Cougar Card EZ deposit at the time of registering for classes or add it on after registration through OneStart using the View/Edit optional Services link.

This process will be similar for the spring semester and will continue for fall and spring semesters only.  Summer, due to the numerous class start dates, will continue to have aid start crediting accounts 10 days prior to the start of your classes.
For more information regarding EZ Deposits and the Cougar Card please visit:  http://www.iuk.edu/cougarcard/faq.shtml .