Withdrawing With Federal Aid

Withdrawing with Federal Aid

Return of Federal Title IV Funds Procedures

If a student withdraws after receiving aid for a term, the federal government requires that the school performs a calculation to see if any aid must be repaid. Federal awards include the Federal Pell, SEOG, Academic Competitiveness, and National SMART Grants, and Federal Stafford, PLUS, and Perkins Loans. Our office may return all or a portion of the funds already applied to a student's university charges. The amount to be repaid will depend on the student's withdrawal date and university charges. The later a student withdraws, the lower the amount that would need to be repaid. Since a student is considered to "earn" aid as the semester progresses, the greater the percentage of the semester is completed and the greater the percentage of the aid will be considered to be "earned," thus reducing the amount of aid which must be repaid.

About 45 days after a student withdraws, our office will send the student a letter listing what aid has been returned to the Federal Title IV programs on their behalf. The return of these funds may result in additional institutional charges (originally paid by federal aid) to be due on the next Bursar bill. Students may view these changes through their OneStart account, in Self-Service.

Withdrawing from classes may also impact a student's eligibility to receive financial aid in the future. See Satisfactory Academic Progress Policy for more information.

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