Our Mission

Our Mission

The IU Kokomo Office of Career Services (OCS) is an integral part of the educational process. Services are tailored to meet the need of each prospective student, current student, alumni, or community member in providing self assessment tools, informed academic and career decisions, experiential learning, professional development growth, and job search techniques that are essential for life long professional career development.

Through one-on-one appointments, interactive workshops and classroom presentations, OCS strives to provide personalized support and professional development services.

OCS is committed to outstanding customer services, life long partnership, and professional excellence.

In addition, the Office of Career Services along with the Office of Student Activities comprise the department of Student Development and Campus Life (SDCL). The mission of SDCL is dedicated to the personal and professional growth and development of the students of Indiana University Kokomo. Our department is committed to complementing the mission and commitments of IU Kokomo. Educational attainment is done by creating out-of-class practical learning opportunities for students.

We provide excellent support services that remove barriers to personal development, student learning, and student matriculation. As professionals, each member of the student development team will:

  • Challenge and support students in the process of student development.
  • Develop a challenging and comprehensive co-curriculum.
  • Assist students in the development of leadership skills in preparation for life-long service.
  • Promote an understanding and appreciation of diversity.