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Indiana University Kokomo

Tuition and Fees

Tuition and fees for IU Kokomo students must be paid according to published schedules each semester and are subject to change by action of the Indiana University Trustees and Administration (See Payment Options). For more information about tuition and fees, payment options, please contact our office.  All fees are subject to change without notice by action of the Trustees of Indiana University, the Campus Chancellor, or the Vice Chancellor of Finance.


Instructional Fees: Rates per credit hour  

ONLINE CLASSES per credit Hour  













Graduate MBA
Graduate MPM



Graduate Nursing




Applicable Credit Hour Rate

Indiana College Network (IPSE)

Applicable Credit Hour Rate

Advance College Project


Summer 2012 --includes a 25% reduction in fees.

Resident Undergrad tuition $145.10 per credit hour

Non-resident Undergrad tuition $481.99 per credit hour

See this site for Residency rules and application.

eTexts Fees

        Fees vary by course.  For more information

Program Fees

Nursing Program Fee - $48.71 per credit hour (12 hour maximum)

Summer Nursing Program Fee - $33.83 per credit hour (12 hour maximum)

Course Fees

Some courses may require additional course-related fees: They are marked in the Schedule of Classes with an asterisk (*) after the course description or in OneStart® at Student Center Class Schedule. A notation for the additional fee will appear in Class Notes.

Special Credit

A. If Special Credit is given for Credentials or Experience, the flat per hour rate of $21 is assessed with a ceiling of 5 hours per class.

B. If by Exam

  1. and taken within the first two semesters following matriculation, there is no charge.
  2. and taken within the first semester as a transfer student, the same hourly flat rate (A.) applies.
  3. For all others, student pays the full instructional credit rate of resident or non-resident.

Note: Special credit forms are good for six months from date of issue.

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