Lost and Found Policy

Whenever items are found on campus, those items will be turned into the Parking/Security office in the Kelley Student Center, Room 240. The exception is that cash, purses and wallets, or other items of value must be immediately turned into the Office of the Bursar so that such items may be secured until claimed.

  • Items considered valuable will be held by the Office of the Bursar for the owner for a maximum of ninety (90) days. To claim such items, the owner must present a picture ID, a detailed description of the item(s) lost, and the approximate time and place the item(s) was lost. If a definite decision can be made as to the rightful owner before ninety (90) days, with proper identification, the item will be returned immediately.
  • In the case of found cash and no identifying owner's mark, the Office of the Bursar will hold it for ninety (90) days. After that point, the person who found the cash may claim the cash with proper identification.
  • Other items considered of value, (e.g., jewelry or cell phones) will be held for ninety (90) days. After ninety (90) days, those items are sent on an annual basis to an auction held by IUK. Any amount received as a result of the auction will be deposited to the Kokomo Campus Scholarship fund.
  • Data-containing devices such as USB flash keys, zip disks, PDAs, Laptops, MP3 players, or any other item that stores data or devices that are connected to a computer are considered "items of value" and must follow the same procedures outlined in the first bullet item. After 90 days, these devices will be wiped clean of data and will be included in those items sent to auction.
  • Lost books are held for 30 days. At the end of that time, the books are sold at the next campus "Book Buy Back," and any amount received will be donated to the Kokomo Campus Scholarship fund.

Other items found, such as clothing, will be donated after 30 days to Student Activities for their annual Clothing Drive, which benefits the Kokomo Rescue Mission or other like agency.