Disbursement of Title IV Financial Aid

Disbursement of Title IV Financial Aid

IU Kokomo must comply with federal regulations for disbursement of Title IV financial aid (Stafford Loan, Pell Grant, Perkins Loan, Graduate PLUS Loan, Parent PLUS Loan, etc.).  Without a signed Authorization, Title IV aid can be applied only to certain charges (tuition, mandatory fees, course related fees, program fees, contracted housing and dining charges).  With a signed Authorization, Title IV aid can be applied to all IU charges (Health Center charges, deferment charges, parking permits, library fines, optional fees, etc.).  Even with a signed Authorization, current academic year (fall and spring terms) Title IV aid cannot pay more than $200.00 of any prior year charges.  The regulation is contained in § 668.164 (d) Crediting a student's account at the institution.

Title IV Authorization Form

Read and Submit this form for the most inclusive use of your Title IV federal financial aid.

The Title IV Authorization form is accessed in One Start Student Self Service by following these steps.

  1. Sign into OneStart (www.onestart.iu.edu)
  2. Go to the Student Center "Finances section"
  3. In the dropbox, click "Student Authorizations"
  4. Click the "Grant Authorizations"
  5. Active authorizations will not be displayed
  6. Read the Authorization
  7. Select the appropriate campus (IU Kokomo)
  8. Click next
  9. Click the "Yes, I have read the agreement" checkbox
  10. Click "Submit"
  11. A confirmation message will be sent to you
  12. Close browser or click "View Student Authorization" to return

Examples With and Without a Signed Title IV Authorization

Charges due 8/10/2013

Financial Aid for Fall Term

Resident Undergrad Fees $ 2434.20 Stafford Subsidized Loan $  2727.00
Mandatory Fees $   294.36 Stafford Unsubsidized Loan $  1990.00
Parking Permit $    52.80 Pell Grant $  1648.00
Fitness Center Membership $    90.00    
Parking Fine $    25.00
Total $ 2896.36 Total Financial Aid Awarded

$ 6365.00

Signed Title IV Authorization

Without Signed Title IV Authorization

Amount refunded via Direct Deposit $  3468.64 Amount refunded via Direct Deposit $  3636.44
Amount Owed $        0.00 Amount Owed $    167.80

With an Authorization, all charges, including the miscellaneous fees in bold would be paid before a refund is issued to the student.

Without an Authorization, the miscellaneous fees would not be paid before a refund was issued to the student and the student would owe $ 167.80.  The student would still have to pay the balance by the due date to prevent a late fee and past due hold.

Even if you have no Title IV aid for Fall 2013, we encourage you to review the Authorization and consider signing it now.  You might need Title IV aid for future semesters and if you do you will already have the Authorization in place - once you sign it, it stays in effect for you IU career unless you revoke it.

If you have a balance that becomes past due, it is subject to a monthly late fee and it will prevent you from registering for a future term and getting a transcript, verification of enrollment, or your diploma until it is paid.  Check your monthly e-bill in OneStart and pay any balance owed by the due date to prevent a late fee and your IU services being stopped.