Havens Auditorium

What Can Havens Auditorium do for you?

Havens Auditorium at Indiana University Kokomo is a full service theatrical facility. It houses local campus events, community group events and kis available for rent by the public. The director of the facility coordinates all events in the auditorium and supervises its use.

MISSIONHavens Auditorium

Havens Auditorium is a community cultural center, used for dramatic presentations, concerts, lectures, and more. It is a proscenium house with a hydraulic orchestra pit/forestage seating 868 patrons.

Havens Auditorium was opened in 1965 as a facility for public as well as University use. For more information on renting Havens Auditorium please contact the Auditorium Director, (765) 455-9362.

You will find Havens Auditorium in the west end of the Main Building on the Indiana University Kokomo campus. For public events in Havens Auditorium, please check the Indiana University Kokomo events calendar

More Information

Contact Havens Auditorium Staff directly if you have any additional questions.