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Old System

New System

Five and Ten Weeks

Five and Ten Weeks

Satisfactory/Attending is the default

Satisfactory/Attending is still the default but faculty can also choose a default of “blank”. 

Faculty should report on any student that is non-performing or attending satisfactory

NOTE:  This MAY change (some faculty at other campuses are pushing for “blank” to be the default so watch your emails for further details.)

Office of Student Affairs/Registrar sends out the information on how to fill in, due dates, etc. 

Office of Student Affairs/Registrar sends out the information on how to fill in, due dates, etc. 


Old System

New System

Available in OneStart

Available in Oncourse and OneStart – if you click on the Performance Roster in each class in Oncourse you are taken directly to the Performance Roster.  If you use OneStart you will need to navigate to the Performance Roster.    

Found in Oncourse on the left side of each course under Performance Roster– see page 2 of this handout. 

Due Friday of the fifth and tenth week

Due Sunday evening at 5 pm (the Sunday after the 5th and 10th week). 

The additional time was added so that Thursday and Friday classes will have time to grade and evaluate student performance

Few options

Many options for evaluating student performance – see page 4 for an example of the pull-down menus

Options:  Can leave the default (checked box) of Satisfactory and indicate the issues/trends the student is facing.  OR can uncheck the box for Satisfactory and then use the other check boxes to indicate the issues. 

Only at 5 and 10 weeks

Faculty can go in at ANY point in the semester and indicate issues and prescribe actions (e.g., tell the student that they need see his/her advisors).

However, faculty MUST enter performance information during the 5th and 10th week. 

Faculty can use either or both the attendance and academic performance indicators at any point other than the 5 and 10 weeks. 

Data was limited

This is much more robust data environment so faculty and advisors can be much more involved in helping students succeed. 

They are still refining what data shows in which report so reports will likely change over time. 

Attendance verification

Other campuses are using this for attendance verification in the second week – this semester we are not doing this but could add this in the future. 

If you have suggestions on what you would like to see or potential changes or questions, contact Kathy Parkison (kparkiso@iuk.edu).  This is an all campus initiative so all suggested changes will go through the all-campus Steering Committee.