ROTC - Reserve Officers’ Training Corps

  • IU Kokomo Cadet Joshua Thorp runs during physical training.
  • IU Kokomo ROTC Cadets Tyler Burke, left; Brent Woodruff, Aaron Pullen, Aaron Bird, Brady James, Austin Conwell and Edward Titus participate in physical training.
  • IU Kokomo ROTC cadets Aaron Pullen, left; and Brady James participate in physical training.
  • The IU Kokomo ROTC Corps of Cadets warms up before physical training Thursday, April 5, on campus..
  • U Kokomo ROTC cadets Brent Woodruff, left; Lee Beachy, Aaron Bird, Hannah Bline, Kyle Miller, Jordan Lee, Sarah McMahon and Joshua Thorp prepare for physical training on campus Thursday, April 5.
  • Robert Whittenburg, IU Kokomo assistant professor of military science, instructions cadets Tyler Burke, left; Aaron Bird and Brady James during physical training on campus.

What is ROTC?

First to lead...Second to none!

Welcome to the Capital Warrior Battalion. Our Battalion's motto: First to lead, second to none! emphasizes the high standards of excellence that each officer and cadet in our program seeks to reach in everything we do. We want to offer you the opportunity to become a part of something that will not only further your career and help pay for college, but will also give you a feeling of pride and a sense of purpose.

Cadets training at camp 2013

Army ROTC is a collection of college electives along with a summer training program, which upon receipt of a bachelor’s degree, earns the Cadet a commission in the U.S. Army, the Army Reserves, or the Army National Guard.

Traditionally, Army ROTC is a four year program, beginning the freshman year of college. However, there are several means of lateral entry.

Our host college, IUPUI, has hosted Army ROTC since 1980. Since its inception, the IUPUI Military Science Department has commissioned over 290 Second Lieutenants into the United States Army.