Frequently Asked Questions

What kind of job can I get with this degree?  Graduates will be highly employable in organizations across the nation and internationally including the following:

  • Chief Elected Official
  • City Manager
  • Chief Administrative Officer
  • Primary Assistant Manager/CAO
  • Chief Financial Officer
  • Treasurer
  • Director of Health Department
  • Public Works Director
  • Human Services Director
  • Public Safety Director
  • Police Chief
  • Fire Chief
  • Economic Development Director
  • Planning Director
  • Human Resources Director
  • Risk Manager
  • Purchasing Director
  • Chief Librarian
  • Superintendent of Parks
  • Information Services Director
  • Director of Department of Energy
  • Director U.S. Department of Homeland Security
  • Director U.S. Department of Education
  • Superintendent of Hospital
  • Executive Director of Physician Services
  • Vice President of Operations in Hospital
  • Director of Finance in Hospital
  • Policy Analyst
  • Management Consultant
  • Program Director for State Department
  • Executive Officer for Nonprofit organizations
  • Ph. D. Graduate Study
  • Law School


How many classes do I have to take? You will take a total of 36-39 credits hours or 12-13 courses.


What kinds of classes will I have to take? You will take class in the following  areas:

  • Track 1: Public Management and Policy: Administrative law, Human Resources, Administrative Ethics, Financial Management, Program Evaluation, Executive Leadership, Public Management, Organizational Behavior, Management Economics and Statistics.


  • Track 2: Health Management: U.S. Health Policy, Health Economics,  Health Service management, Health Planning,  Environmental Health, Administrative law, Human Resources, Administrative Ethics, Financial Management,  Executive Leadership, Organizational Behavior,  and Statistics.



How many students will be in my classes? In most cases you will have 15-25 students in each class.


What are faculty qualifications? Ninety-eight percent hold a Ph.D. and the remaining two percent hold J.D. or are adjunct faculty who are specialized professionals.


Can I do an internship with this program? Yes you can participate in practicum in public affairs.


Can I study abroad with this degree? No


Will you help me find a job when I graduate? We have a career office that can help you look for a job in addition to other avenues that you may explore.


Are there student organizations for this degree? There are several student organizations on campus.


How can I get in touch with my professor? By telephone, email or office visit.


Do I get an advisor to help me schedule classes? There is the Director of Graduate Programs who could help you plan your studies in SPEA.