Degree Requirements

Indiana University Kokomo - School of Nursing (BSN) – Requirements/Information Sheet

NOTE: Nursing admission is competitive and meeting the minimum requirements does not guarantee admission into the program. The nursing program requirements may change at any time. It is the students' responsibility to stay in contact with his/her advisors on a regular basis.

Nursing Application Requirements

1)      Be admitted to IU Kokomo

2)      Must be advised by Nursing Advisor

3)      Have a minimum 2.5 cumulative GPA (see pre-nurs course info)

4)      Have a minimum 2.7 pre-nursing GPA

5)      One (1) of the three required sciences (A215, P215, & J200/J201) must be completed in order to apply

6)      MATH-M 117, M125, M118, M119, M215, or M133/M134 must be completed in order to apply

7)      Meet TEAS score requirements

If you have met steps 1-7 then you are eligible to apply to the Nursing program.  Proceed to step 8 below.

8)      Apply to School of Nursing by deadline
               Fall deadline - April 1
               Spring deadline - September 1
         Applications available at

TEAS Requirements   





Category 1: pass all four areas with minimum requirements
Category 2: do not pass all four areas with minimum requirements but earn an Adjusted Individual Total Score of 67% overall

Pre-Nursing Courses Info

* One (1) of the three pre-nursing science courses must be completed in order to apply. At
least two (2) of the three required sciences must be completed before you begin the major. The third science must be done by the end of the first semester in the Nursing program.
* Students may fail (with a C- or below) no more than 3 pre-nursing courses totaling 11 credits. Of the 3 failures only 2 are allowed in the sciences. Students who exceed any of these limits are ineligible to apply to the Nursing program.
* CHEM-C 109 and PSY-P 216 are required to be completed prior to the start of the Junior 1 semester. Failure to complete on time will stop progression in the nursing program.
* Sciences older than 7 years must be retaken (includes: A215, P216, J200, J201 & Chemistry)
* Cumulative GPA: If an IU GPA is not available then the cumulative GPA from his/her most recent institution will be used in determining the cumulative GPA.

Nursing Courses in Major Info

Students must earn a C (2.0) or above on each course indicated by NURS by the second completed attempt. A pattern of repeated course withdraws may influence further readmission requests.
*  For students who fail or drop a NURS class, reentry to or continuation in the nursing program is dependent   on space availability and requires permission from the Assistant Dean of the Pre-Licensure Program.
*  A second failure of the same or a different course in the Nursing Major will result in dismissal from the Nursing Major.
*  Students are responsible to take any additional electives needed to complete the 120 credit hours required to graduate from the IU Kokomo School of Nursing.
*  Each student is required to have a laptop when they begin the Sophomore 1 semester.
*  Grading Scale for Nursing Classes: All nursing (NURS) courses must be passed with a 79% or higher. Anything below 79% is not passing.             79% or higher = pass

Fine/Performing/Comm Arts Elective Choices: FINA-A 101 or 201 or any studio art, HUMA-U 101, 102, 103 or 305, MUS-M 174, MUS-Z 201, MUS-X 001, 040, MUS-U 320, THTR-T 120, ENG-W 203 or COAS-E 103
Literature/Philosophy Elective Choices: Any PHIL course except PHIL-P 150, Any ENG-L or ENG-E course, COAS-E 103