Research in Psychology

General Information

Psychology, being a scientific discipline, continually pursues new knowledge through known and trusted scientific methods.  Therefore, at IU Kokomo, research is integrated into the core curriculum, and many students choose to become involved in research activities beyond their regular coursework.

Independent Research Sequence in Psychology

Students who plan to pursue doctoral degrees, law school, or research-related careers are advised to complete the two-semester course sequence in research (P493-P494, Independent Research in Psychology I & II).  In this course sequence, which typically lasts through the Fall and Spring of the senior year, students work under the advisement of a resident faculty member in psychology to pursue an original research question of their choosing.  Many students develop an original research hypothesis that involves the collection, analysis, and reporting for original research data.  Other students have completed other types of projects, such as theoretical reviews of research, or grant proposals involving reviews of scholarly literature.  All resident faculty advise these projects, and students should seek a faculty advisor whose expertise most closely matches their own research interests.

Readings and Research Courses in Psychology

These independent study courses provide a means for students to get research experience without completing the full two-semester research sequence.  The activities to be graded for these courses vary depending on the preferences of the student and the faculty advisor who agrees to work with that student.  In some cases, the faculty member and student read scholarly literature together and meet regularly to discuss issues raised in those pieces.  In other cases, students receive course credit for assisting faculty with ongoing scholarly projects.  In either case, enrollment must be arranged through mutual agreement of the student and the advising faculty member.

Participating in Psychological Research

Because students and faculty in psychology are continuously working on various research projects, you may be asked to participate in one of these ongoing projects.  Participating in research is a great way to learn about research in psychology without committing weeks of time to that effort.  All such projects are described clearly to potential participants before any data is collected, and students can ask any faculty member in psychology for more information about these studies.

Institutional Review Board

The Institutional Review Board for Human Subjects (IRB) at IU Kokomo reviews all studies of human subjects that are conducted at IU Kokomo, or by IU Kokomo faculty.