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Bachelor of Arts in Psychology - Plan of Study

Sample Four-Year Curriculum

Year one
Fall Spring
HSS-E104 Freshmen Learning Community (3)
HSS-E103 Freshmen Learning Community (3)
ENG-W131 Elementary Composition 1 (3) 
SPCH-S121 Public Speaking (3)  
MATH-M118 Finite Mathematics (3)  
ENG-W132 Elementary Composition 2 (3) 
PSY-P103 General Psychology (3)  
PHIL-P100 Introduction to Philosophy (3) 
Elective (3)
PSY-P216 Lifespan Development (3)  
Year two
Fall  Spring
CHEM-C100/120 World of Chemistry with Laboratory (5) ENG-L225 Introduction to World Masterpieces (3)  
PSY-P390/P259 Intro to Psychological Inquiry (3)
ANAT-A215 Basic Human Anatomy (5)
SOC-S100 Introduction to Sociology (3)  
PSY-K300 Statistical Techniques (3)  
CLAS-C209 Medical Terminology (2) 
HIST-H106 American History II (3)
Cultural Diversity Elective (3) 
Year three
PSY-P319 Personality Psychology (3)  
PSY-P326 Behavioral Neuroscience (3)  
PSY-P325 Psychology of Learning (3)  
PSY-P381 Helping Skills and Ethics (3)
PSY-P355 Experimental Methods (3) BIOL-L345 Vertebrate Biology (3) 
PHSL-P215 Basic Human Physiology (5)
Elective (3) 
Elective (3) 
Elective (3) 

Year four
Fall Spring
PSY-P459 History and Systems of Psychology (3)
PSY Elective (3)
PSY-P324 Abnormal Psychology (3)  PSY-P495 Practicum (3)
PSY Elective (3) 
HUMA-U102 Introduction to Modern Humanities (3)
BIOL -N120 Topics in Biology (3) 
Elective (3)  
Elective (3)  
Elective (3)  

What matters. Where it matters.

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