Upcoming Courses

Fall 2014

MW 10:00-11:15AM, N201
Intro: New Media Communication
This course is an introduction to New Media Communication. Through readings and projects, students will learn basic principles of Web sites and other online communication, focusing on creating content, developing designs, and producing graphics.

Online (8-week, 1), N213
Web Site Design & Development
Introduction to website design and development covering high-level concepts in addition to hands-on activities. Topics include internet infrastructure, client-side technologies, embedded media, page design, site design, usability and other topics. Technologies to be covered include XHTML, JavaScript, and cascading style sheets.

MW 11:30AM-2:15PM, N215
Studio In Digital Media I
Introductory work in the use of digital media tools, including video, animation, image manipulation, and digital illustration, in the creation of art.

TR 02:30-3:45PM, N250
Graphic Design I
Emphasis on visual communication through the perceptive use of line, form, and color. Elementary study of letter forms and typography. Introduction to basic tools, drawing disciplines of graphic design, and computer graphics.

TR 10:00-11:15AM, N262
Intro To Web Scripting
This course introduces students to fundamental programming concepts and techniques. Students will develop a solid foundation that can be used to learn other programming languages. Using the JavaScript programming language as a basis for instruction, this course focuses on client-side Web programming and teaches students how to create highly dynamic and interactive Web pages.

F 9:30AM-12:15PM, N312
Digital Illustration
Course explores basic development of digital illustrations for use in graphic design.

MW 11:30AM-2:15PM, N330
Studio In Digital Media II
Intermediate work in the use of digital media tools, including video, animation, image manipulation, and digital illustration in the creation of art.

T 6:00-8:30PM (8-week, 2), N345
Intermediate Website Design Principles & Practice
Teaches intermediate principles of web design and gives students practice creating sites using these principles and common website creation tools. Students should learn to produce professional-quality websites.

TR 11:30AM-12:45PM, N401
Senior Seminar
Senior experience for New Media Communication students.

MW 2:30-4:45PM, N408
Advance Photography and Cinematography
This is an advanced course in the use of photography and cinematography. The recent developments in digital cameras and the inclusion of video capabilities are compelling. The ability to use still and moving images are at the core of the cultural communications milieu and require our attention. This course will explore the creative use of the digital image in still and moving formats. Emphasis will be on the possibilities provided by this advanced technology and the growing sets of delivery options available. Students will learn to think and adopt creative approaches to photography and cinematography/videography through a set of challenging class projects, exercises, demonstrations, and presentations. 

TR 4:00-5:15PM, N410
Publication & Editorial Design
Despite the rise of the Internet, downloadable .PDF and .ps files, the eBook and microfilm, the basic book of ink and paper is still the main conveyor of written information in the 21st century. It is important for a designer's success to have a basic understanding of the structure of a book and the various problems encountered when designing one.