The Leadership minor is comprised of at least 18 credit hours.

Required Courses--9 Credit Hours

COAS S200 Introduction to Leadership Studies

This three-credit course provides an overview of leadership theories and practices. It is offered in the hybrid format, meeting once per week on campus and once per week online.

COAS S300 Leadership Practicum--Leadership in Action

This one- to two-credit course provides hands-on experiences with leadership activities and events that provide a leadership opportunity. Students will take this class for three credits--either as three one-credit modules or as a one credit/two credit sequence.

COAS S400 Leadership Capstone

This three-credit course is an applied, experiential learning course where students can practice the knowledge gained in other courses. It serves as a capstone for the minor and students will complete a semester-ling project.

Elective Courses--9 Credit Hours

An additional 9 credits from any of the following categories. Courses with an asterisk (*) have additional prerequisites. For all categories, additional special topics courses may be offered periodically that also might count toward the minor. To see if any other courses might count, contact Raul Mosley at


This includes course work in business with a leadership focus.

  • BUS Z302 Management and Behavior in Organizations
  • BUS X487 Business Seminar (SIFE--Students in Free Enterprise)
  • BUS Z447 Leadership, Teamwork, and Diversity*
  • BUS W408 Small Business Practicum*

This includes course work in non-profit management with a leadership focus.

  • SPEA V462 Non-Profit Management and Leadership*
  • SPEA V412 Leadership and Ethics*
  • SPEA V473 Management, Leadership, and Policy*

This includes any of the course work listed above in Business and SPEA, any other approved course work with a leadership focus, as well as the following:

  • SPCH S122 Interpersonal Communication
  • SPCH S229 Discussion and Group Methods
  • SPCH C380 Organizational Communication
  • SPCH S322 Advanced Interpersonal Communication
  • SPCH S427 Cross Cultural Communication

Approved travel courses with a leadership or service component can also be included. Recent examples include:

  • COAS I450 Innovation Symposium to England
  • COAS F200 Foreign Study Trip to Guatemala