Fine Arts

  • IUK student Cortney Jo Santiago preparing work for her senior art installation
  • Katy Lewis interacting with her sculpture at the 2013 Student Art Exhibition
  • Students participating in IUK exhibition Fluxus: Then, Now, and Whenever

IUK student Kelly Greer preparing her metalsmithing work for her senior art exhibition

IUK student Kelly Greer preparing her metalsmithing work for her senior art exhibition

Are you eager to explore your creative talents? By pursuing a degree in art at IU Kokomo, you will have the opportunity to explore the visual arts in depth, study art history and contemporary arts theory, and learn about professional practices in the fields of fine arts.

Students will be prepared for a wide variety of career possibilities after they graduate, such as working in the areas of commercial arts, graphic arts, art administration, art education, or an individual fine arts career.

In addition, the program prepares students to enter graduate school in the fine arts. With a strong foundation in studio art, it provides students with experiences in a variety of media including, painting, drawing, printmaking, sculpture, metalsmithing, ceramics, graphic design, digital media, and animation.

Fine Arts Degrees and Minors

Bachelor of Arts (BA) in Fine Arts offers a more well-rounded liberal arts education in areas outside of the major, with less study in the major itself.

Bachelor of Fine Arts (BFA) has a heavier focus in fine arts while providing less of a broad based education in a variety of areas outside of the major.

Minor in Creative Arts is an excellent choice for students who wish to add a creative component to their chosen field.

Minor in Art History is helpful for students wishing to go into education, art administration or graduate programs in fine arts.