BA in Fine Arts Degree Requirements

The Bachelor of Arts in Fine Arts is 120 credit hours, 44 of which are fine arts courses. The courses can be broken down as follows:

1. General Education Requirements for Arts & Sciences

2. Fine Arts Core

  • 12 hours of Art History (no more than 6 hours at the 100 level)
  • 9 hours of fundamental studio courses at the 100 level
  • 21 hours of studio courses at the 200 level or above (no more than 6 hrs. at the 200 level)
  • A senior capstone experience (FINA-S400--2 cr. hrs.)

3. Senior Capstone experience

The purpose of the senior capstone experience is to provide students with opportunities to demonstrate they have mastered a depth of knowledge in the major, they can integrate knowledge within their creative endeavors, and that they are able to communicate coherently. The capstone experience is comprised of the following:

  • An individual exhibition of the student's representative work reflecting the program goals.
  • A written statement about the student's exhibit, goals, techniques, process approach and influences, and course for future direction.

For More Information

Contact Fine Arts Assistant Professors Minda Douglas and Gregory Steel.