Courses Offered in Fine Arts

Foundation Courses

F101 Fundamental Studio: 3D

F102 Fundamental Studio: 2D

F100 Fundamental Studio: Drawing



S200 Drawing I

S301 Drawing II

U401 Topics in Studio Art: Figure Drawing



S272 Objects in Time and Space

S371 Sculpture II

S471 Sculpture III



S260 Ceramics I

S361 Ceramics II



S280 Metalsmithing I

S381 Metalsmithing II

S481 Metalsmithing III



S240 Introduction to Printmaking Media

S341 Printmaking II Intaglio

S445 Relief Printmaking

S344 Printmaking II Silk Screen

U301 Special Topics in Studio Art: Monotype Printmaking



S230 Painting I

S331 Painting II

S431 Painting III


Digital Media

S215 Digital Media Studio

S330 Digital Media Studio II

T320 Video Art

S250 Graphic Design I

S361 Graphic Design II

S370 Animation

S408 Advanced Photography and Cinematography


Art History/Philosophy

A101 Ancient to Medieval Art

A102 Renaissance to Modern Art

A262 Introduction to Japanese Art & Culture

A280 Art of the Comics

A340 Topics in Modern Art

A200 Topics in Art History: Foreign Study in Italian Art

A200 Topics in Art History: Foreign Study in French Art

A333 Northern Renaissance Art Van Eyck to Vermeer

U305 Art & Music of the 20th Century

P346 Philosophy of Art



U405 Concepts and Images

U301 Special Topics in Studio Art: Explorations of Art Media and Process

P490 Topics in Studio Fine Art

S400 Independent Studio Projects