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Bachelor of Arts in English

A Bachelor of Arts in English degree can open many career opportunities. Depending on the concentration you choose, different employers will need the various skills of an English major. Here are just a few of the possible career paths for graduates earning their Bachelor of Arts in English. These median salaries are taken from salary.com and are based from statistics in the Indianapolis, IN area.

  • English Professor English Professor

    Instructs English classes at the college level. Professors can be responsible for teaching such subjects as creative writing, grammar, editing, literature and language. Teaching college courses requires a doctorate degree.

  • Librarian Librarian

    Librarians organize and assist with a libraries assortment of books, magazines and multimedia materials. Many librarians conduct managerial duties as well. The occupation is continually becoming more technologically orientated and a master’s degree in library sciences is usually required for this position.

  • Attorney Attorney

    In general, attorneys provide legal services to businesses, groups and individuals. They offer assistance with insurance contracts, leasing, personal injury and criminal issues. Attorneys must hold a degree from an accredited law school.

  • Journalism Journalism

    A reporter investigates and researches various newsworthy stories. He or she writes news columns and articles for different newspapers and periodicals. A journalist is often required to work alone while researching and gathering information.

  • Editor Editor

    A basic editor is responsible for providing accurate assessments of punctuation and grammar for various writing jobs. He or she proofreads, corrects and suggests changes for professionally written works.

  • Technical Writer Technical Writer

    A technical writer could produce different types of writing needed for brochures, instruction manuals, menus, articles, advertisements, reports and much more.

  • Paralegal Paralegal

    A paralegal’s main purpose is providing support for the attorney he or she works for. This may include researching legal sources, resolving relatively small legal issues, gathering information on clients and looking up previous statutes and judicial verdicts.

  • Copywriter Copywriter

    A copywriter might edit, write and proofread various types of writing from advertisements and brochures to newspaper and magazine articles.

  • Public Relations Public Relations

    Public relations workers distribute information for organizations through television, newspapers, advertisements and radio. Their main priority is to represent the company image in a positive way and promote the brand.

What matters. Where it matters.

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