Communication Arts Program

Students at Commencement

Our Communication Arts program prepares you for the communication demands of social and professional life studying the nature, processes, and effects of messages. The program also prepares you to communicate in varied channels and contexts of contemporary communication, analyze communication messages of multiple forms and styles, communicate ethically, and employ the theory and methods of the field while appreciating the history and content of the discipline.

Communication Arts majors will find job opportunities in a variety of fields, including: public communication, public relations, journalism and fields in management, training and customer service. Specific careers include integrated marketing communications, corporate and public sector consulting, speech writing, publicity, sales, community relations, public affairs, government, public and social service, news reporting, radio, public relations, human resources/relational management, sports marketing, media relations, primary and secondary teaching, personnel, editing or writing for various media, business and industrial communication. Additionally, Communication Arts graduates will be well-prepared for graduate studies.

Featuring small classes and personalized instruction, we stress teaching you a wide variety of skills, ranging from the personal to the organizational, from the hands-on personal experience to the theoretical. In addition, each of our students specializes in one area to best prepare them for a career after graduation.

Communication Arts Degrees and Minor

We offer two degrees and one minor:

  • The Bachelor of Arts (B.A.)  prepares you for the communication demands of social and professional life through a broad-based liberal arts program specializing in communications.
  • The Bachelor of Science (B.S.)  is much like the B.A. degree, but it spends more time on writing and research skills, while spending less time on acquiring a broad education in a variety of fields outside of the degree.
  • The Minor is ideal for someone who wishes to add excellent communication skills and knowledge to their chosen major.