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Pre-Law Degree Programs

The History/Political Science program also hosts most of Indiana University Kokomo's Pre-Law programs.  As a major option there is the Law and Society track within the History/Political Science B.A. degree.  The Law and Society program is intended to teach students to be active and aware citizens and provide them with the skills needed for a career in the law while also giving them a "regular major" as many Law Schools prefer.  It divides the student's major classes into History/Political Science Foundation (so that they understand United States and international history and politics), Humanities Foundation (that require classes which focus on communication, writing, and logic skills), and Law Specific (in which students take classes focused directly on legal issues in fields including Sociology, Criminal Justice, Labor Studies, and Business). 

The English major in the Humanities department has also developed a Pre-Law concentration that students can focus on as well.

The program also offers a Pre-Law minor (18 credits) and provide Pre-Law advising for the Indiana University Kokomo campus. By fusing the complementary disciplines of history and political science, this degree program seeks to foster an understanding and appreciation of local, national and international historical and contemporary events and issues, and to develop such skills as interpretative analysis, critical thinking, writing and research.   

For more information,

contact Professor Andrew McFarland, Pre-Law Advisor, at 765-455-9370 or anmmcfar@iuk.edu.