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Law and Society Track Degree Requirements

History/Political Science Foundation (12 credits)

Advanced History (6 credits, 3 in US + 3 in World) Any 300+ level History course
Intro to Political Theory (3 credits) Y215
Advanced Political Science (3 credits) Any 300+ level Political Science course

Humanities Foundation (9 credits)

Ethics/Philosophy (3 credits) P342 Problems in Ethics, P345 Problems in Social and Political Philosophy, or P375 Philosophy of Law
Literature (3 credits) Any E or L 300+ literature course except L390 and L391
Debate/Argumentation (3 credits) SPCH228 Argumentation and Debate, C310 Rhetoric and Public Address,

C321 Persuasion, C325 Interviewing, or C444 Political Communication

Law Specific Electives (9 credits, 6 of which must be at the 300 level or higher)

From SPEA, Psychology, Labor Studies, Sociology, and Business.  Students must take classes from at least two of these areas.


V376 Law and Public Policy, J301 Substantive Criminal Law, J306 The Crimina Courts, SPEA-J321 American Policing, J331 Corrections, SPEA-J439 Crime andPublic Policy, J302 Procedural Criminal Law, J305 The Juvenile Justice System

Note: V classes require V170 and J classes require J101 as prerequisites.

Sociology S325 Criminology, S328 Juvenile Delinquency, S360 Topics is Social Policy, S420 Topics in Deviance

Note: All require S100 or S101 as a prerequisite, and S316 Family is requiredfor S360: Family Violence.

Psychology P322 Psychology in the Courtroom
Labor Studies L200 Survey of Employment Law, L201 Labor Law, Corporate Law
Business L200 Elements of Business Law, L201 Legal Environment of Business

Internship and Capstone (6 credits)

1 Semester Internship in a Legal Practice,Court Organization, or Non-Profit Organization 3 credits
History/Political Science, Law and Soceity Capstone course 3 credits

Total Credits:   36

Note I: for the 9 credit hours of the Social Sciences Gen Ed. requirements, students must take H105 and 106 and should consider using the 3rd course in that category to fulfill a perquisite for one of their law specific electives.

Note II: A course not listed, but related to one of the categories can be accepted to count for that category with the permission of the H/PS coordinator.

Note III: If SPCH228 is taken to fulfill the Debate/Argumentation requirement, then all 3 Law Specific elective must be at the 300 level or above to satisfy the B.A. requirement of 30 credit hours at the 300 level or above.