B.S. in History / Political Science

Degree Requirements for the B.S. in History & Political Science

Please refer to the IU Kokomo Academic Bulletin for full course descriptions.

General Education Requirements

Core Major Requirements for all B.S. Degrees is History and Political Science

  • H105 and H106 Introductory U.S. History I and II (6)
  • H113 Western Civilization I
  • Take two of the following (6):
    • Y215 Introduction to Political Theory (3)
    • Y217 Introduction to Comparative Politics (3)
    • Y219 Introduction to International Relations (3)
  • Senior Seminar, take either of the following (3)
    • HIST J 495 Prosenior Seminar for History Majors (3)
    • POLS Y 490 Senior Seminar For Political Science (3)

Note: H114 Western Civilization II and Y103 Introduction to Political Science must be taken to fulfill their Social and Behavioral Sciences general education requirement.

B.S. Degree Track Options (All students must choose one of the 3 tracks and fulfill its requirements and all 3 tracks comprise 21 credits)

Balanced Track

  • Any 4 300+ level History classes
  • Any 3 300+ level Political Science classes

History Track

  • Any 7 300+ level History classes

Political Science Track

  • Any 5 300+ level Political Science classes
  • Any 2 300+ level History classes

Sub-Specializations (6)

All students much choose 1 of the below sub-specializations that require one 300+ level and one 200+ level course in another field or further depth in either History or Political Science.  This can either be to enhance a student’s skills in the primary area, or to explore a related field and is strongly suggested to be part of a second major or a minor in the field of sub-specialization.  Students can choose either from the pre-approved fields and classes below, or they may petition the History/Political Science coordinator for a different sub-specialization.


  • 300+ level History course
  • H496 Internships in History

Political Science

  • 300+ level Political Science course
  • Y481 Field Experience in Political Science


  • M300 Teaching in a Pluralistic Society
  • H340 Education and the American Culture


  • S340 Social Theory
  • any 300+ level Sociology course

Labor Studies

  • 300+ level Labor Studies class
  • 200+ level Labor Studies class

Public Affairs/Management

  • 300+ level Public Affairs/ Management and Policy class   
  • 300+ level Public Affairs/ Management and Policy class

Criminal Justice

  • 300+ level Criminal Justice course
  • 300+ level Criminal Justice course

New Media

  • N201 Introduction to New Media Communication
  • 300+ level New Media Course

Communication Arts

  • C200 Introduction to Mass Communication
  • Any 300+ level Communication class


  • 2 300+ level Philosophy courses

Art/Art History

  • 2 300+ level Art History courses


  • BUS D301 International Business
  • 300+ level Business course


  • ECON E202 Macroeconomics
  • ECON E303 International Economics


  • COAS S200 Introduction to Leadership Studies
  • COAS S400 Leadership Capstone

Note: Students must take 1 extra elective class at the 300 level or above if they choose a sub-specialization in which 1 class is below the 300 level to ensure that they take the required 30 credit hours at the 300+ level.  This class does not have to be from the History/Political Science program or the sub-specialization.