H-Option Courses

H-Option Contract Form

What is an H-Option Course?

H-option courses provide students an opportunity to gain honors credit from regular courses. Students choose a course that they are already taking, and with the instructor’s permission make it into an H-Option course. The instructor and the honors student develop a special set of course requirements to fit the student's abilities and interests; typically these include many of the regular requirements.

How do I make course into an H-Option Course?

  1. Contact the instructor teaching the course that you want to make into and H-Option course.  You should do this before or during the first week of class.  You’ll discuss the H-Option details with the instructor and find out if they are willing to let you make their course into an H-Option course.

  2. Fill out the H-Option Contract Form

  3. Submit the Completed H-Option Contract Form, with your signature and the course instructor’s signature to the Honors Director NO LATER THAN the Wednesday of the 3rd week of regularly scheduled classes or by Wednesday of the 2nd week of ACCELerated or summer session classes. Failure to meet these deadlines may prevent you from making the course into an H-option or require the student to pay course drop/add or other fees.

What courses can I make into an H-Option course?

H-Option course sections can be created from 100-400 level courses and can also be created with internships, independent studies, fieldwork experience, undergraduate theses, or other research/creative projects.

The course instructor always has the ability to say that you cannot make their course into an H-Option so make sure to discuss the H-Option with your instructor as soon as classes start.

Suggested Graded Work Ideas for H-option Courses

Honors projects have included research papers, field work, visual or oral presentations, creative works, analytical library work, an annotated bibliography, a series of position papers, or any level of participation in a scientific project.