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Mission & Three Year Plan

Mission & Three Year Plan 2007-2009

Indiana University Mission Statement

The mission of Indiana University Kokomo, a regional campus of Indiana University, is to enhance the educational and professional attainment of the residents of North Central Indiana by providing a wide range of bachelor's degrees, and a limited number of master's and associate degrees. Indiana University Kokomo is further dedicated to enhancing research, creative work, and other scholarly activity, promoting diversity, and strengthening the economic and cultural vitality of the region and the state through a variety of partnerships and programs.

Division of General Studies Mission

The Division of General Studies strives to increase education attainment of adults and to strengthen economic vitality across north Central Indiana.

In consonance with both the Indiana University Kokomo mission and Division of General Studies component mission, the Division objectives include:

1. To offer the Bachelor degree program in General Studies in a timely manner to address scheduling needs of adults who must fit education into their already busy lives and to seek to increase program enrollment, averaging 2 to 3% growth per semester.

  • Manage and update Stop-out data base
  • Prepare mailings for and conduct campus information sessions
  • Conduct off campus information sessions in business and industry
  • Send notices to current students regarding upcoming semester registration periods
  • Conduct follow-ups with current students who do not timely register
  • Coordinate ACCELerated Evening College offerings and prepare the schedules for the course catalog
  • Provide student advising in a timely manner
  • Conduct student program audits and certify students for graduation
  • Host graduation breakfast
  • Coordinate Health, Physical Education, and Recreation classes with external facilities.
  • Conduct and refine assessment process for the Bachelor of General Studies degree program
  • Update and maintain the General Studies website

2. To facilitate faculty and student engagement with the business community to aid in economic development to include two to three partnerships per year and increasing internships 2 to 3% each year

  • Conduct operations of new engagement center in INVENTREK
  • Begin to develop the 21 st Century Tool Crib
  • Continue to find new and seek to sustain current internship sites
  • Meet with non-profit directors, human resource managers and business owners to build relationships in an effort to support their needs through training, internships, or faculty assistance
  • Provide student advising with regards to internship program and placement
  • Manage student placement in internships
  • Process payroll for student internships for subsidized internships
  • Survey student interns and employers regarding satisfaction with the internship and university services that support internships
  • Update and manage internship website
  • Judiciously provide campus subsidies for internships in young companies in the new economy and in non-profit organizations

3. To provide professional development opportunities through credit and continuing education programs

  • Work with IU System-wide Division of General Studies to develop non-credit on-line professional develop offerings
  • Seek and develop mutually beneficial partnerships with business/industry and communities in the North Central Indiana region

4. Provide test registration and proctoring services for placement, Dantes, special needs and make-up testing

  • Establish and maintain web registration for testing
  • Process registration and proctor about 1200 tests annually

Additional Activities in 2007-08


  • Represent IU Kokomo on the WIRED core team
  • Manage and complete WIRED entrepreneurship mapping ($34.8K) grant tasks
  • Develop and manage Leadership Institute under the institute($288K) grant
  • Award and track persistence for Project Complete scholarships under the Project Complete ($50K) grant

Campus Self Study

  • Staff serve on NCA Criterion 2 and Criterion 5 campus committees

What matters. Where it matters.

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