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ACCELerated Evening College

Attend one evening a week and earn a degree faster. It's fast, flexible, and far more affordable than other accelerated degree programs. Plus, you earn a respected Indiana University degree.

The ACCELerated Evening College is designed for adults who have earned some college credits but have been unable to finish their degrees because of family obligations, work responsibilities, and other demands on their time. Students can earn an Indiana University Bachelor of General Studies degree, with or without a minor.

Why choose IU Kokomo?

By choosing IU Kokomo, you'll get:

  • Personal attention from faculty and advisors
  • Computer-assisted instruction and other methods of instruction to enhance learning
  • Exposure to varied teaching methods for maximum learning
  • The option to obtain a minor in areas such as business, communication arts, sociology, criminal justice, psychology, or labor studies.
What can the ACCELerated Evening College offer you?
  • Shorter intensive course terms (eight weeks instead of sixteen weeks)
  • Classes only meet one evening per week
  • Much lower costs than other accelerated courses (reimbursable under most tuition assistance programs)
  • 50 percent of weekly course instruction in the hybrid format, meaning 50 percent of weekly instruction is face-to-face and 50 percent online (not available for all courses).
  • Credits that may be applicable to the General Studies Degree:
    • Previously earned IU credits and/or credits transferred from other accredited colleges and universities (old credits accepted)
    • Military training
    • Credit for approved training and testing programs
    • IU Independent Study courses

Students who are interested in enrolling in ACCELerated Evening College classes MUST register for at least one class within the semester prior to classes starting at the beginning of that semester. For example, if you are interested in the second session Fall classes that start in October then you need to register for at least one class (1st or 2nd session) in August before the semester begins. Late fees will be assessed if your initial registration is after the first week of classes (in August for Fall or in January for Spring).

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