Course Requirements

All required M.B.A. courses are offered in two formats: 8-week and 16-week. Each required course will be offered in both formats but in alternating years. A course that is offered as an 8-week course in the fall semester of one academic year will be offered as a 16-week course in the fall semester in the following academic year, and vice versa. This allows the student to take the required courses in their preferred format. Electives are offered in both formats, but some electives are only offered in one format or the other (often due to curriculum reasons).students discuss business things in a class

Graduation with the M.B.A. degree requires successful completion of a minimum of 30 credit hours. A person holding an undergraduate degree in business administration might complete the program in 30 credit hours, whereas an individual having none of the core foundation course work would require up to eight additional core courses. Waiver of core foundation courses is determined through an analysis of an applicant's transcripts. Degree requirements must be completed within eight years of admission.

The M.B.A. Curriculum

Core Foundation Knowledge

Complete 18 credit hours in the following course areas, depending upon equivalent preparation. (Note: All of Core course requirements may be completed at the undergraduate level. Any or all may be waived if equivalent background is in evidence.)

  • A201 Introduction to Financial Accounting (prerequisite for F301)
  • E300 Survey of Economics or E201 (Microeconomics) and E202 (Macroeconomics)s
  • F301 Financial Management
  • M301 Introduction to Marketing Management
  • K302 Introduction to Management Science
  • Z302 Managing and Behavior in Organizations

M.B.A. Program and Electivesstudents presenting in an MBA economics class

Complete 30 credit hours in the following course areas:

  • C599 Project Demonstrating Expertise
    D542 Advanced Managerial Accounting
  • E542 Strategic Managerial Economics
  • F542 Advanced Financial Management
  • L512 Law and Ethics in Business
  • J560 Organizational Strategy, Policy, and Innovation
  • M560 Advanced Marketing Management
  • M570 Advanced Operations Management
  • Z542 Creating, Leading and Maintaining High Performance Organizations
  • Plus available Electives