Bachelor of Science in Health Sciences

The Bachelor of Science in Health Science is a versatile degree that provides students with extensive preparation for work in any field that addresses people’s health.  The objective of this degree is to address the needs of those students seeking a broad understanding of the science of human health and its application to their chosen career.  It will be delivered by faculty members located in Allied Health Science, the School of Arts and Sciences, and SPEA.  This interdisciplinary program is designed for three types of students: those who wish to pursue a health science related career; those who are graduates of accredited A.A., A.S., or A.A.S. degree programs (i.e. dental hygiene, emergency medical services, radiation therapy, medical technology, and others), and want to continue their education; and those who are seeking admission into graduate health professions programs to include but not limited to medicine, dentistry, pharmacy, physician assistant and physical therapy.  Students seeking admission to professional schools will need careful advising and additional coursework.

The B.S. in Health Sciences teaches students to appreciate what it means to be healthy from mental, social and human biological aspects.  Students completing this degree will understand the diverse aspects of human health with knowledge of our biologic and neurologic foundations as major foci.  Core course work extends the investigation of the human body to the sub-cellular and molecular levels and places the details of human biology within a larger context.   The curriculum provides students with scientific knowledge that is rooted in biology and includes interdisciplinary perspectives.  An opportunity to concentrate in areas most suited for their future career plans also prepares them for graduate education, professional schools in health care and many other health care related fields.

Careers for Health Science majors:

Graduates with a Health Science degree may qualify for many careers related to the health professions. Many graduates have a health related background and find the Health Science degree a major step in achieve their career ladders.  Others may find employment as: Health Administration, public health official, patient educator, patient advocate, worksite wellness coordinator, community organizing, health communication and media specialist, long term facilities administrator, pharmaceutical and other health related sales, nutritionist, marketing and public relations, Federal and State health official, medical practice manager, health insurance specialist, environmental health specialist.  Almost all areas of sports can be achieved through our Health Science degree.  Some of these popssible career areas include: athletic trainer, personal fittness trainer, life coach, sports and fitness administrator, sports sales, sports communication, sports marketing, sports information director, coach, athletic director, sports agent. sports officiating and manager of spa and fitness centers.

Resources for careers in health sciences: