Ordering Library Materials

The Library strives to build a quality collection to support Indiana University Kokomo's academic curriculum, and we welcome suggestions of materials that support the University's academic programs and/or course assignments. Highly-specialized or technical materials may be easily available through either the library's Request Delivery or Interlibrary Loan (ILLiad) services.

Book Suggestions or Requests

Anyone who is interested in helping to develop the library's collection may suggest purchases for the library. Suggestions may be forwarded by e-mail to Ria Lukes, Technical Services Librarian. Suggestions may also be sent to our Technical Services department via regular mail; the address is listed at the following link: Technical Services department contacts and address.

Faculty may make material requests by using this Book Order Form (PDF), or requests may be sent as publisher blurbs, Choice reviews, links to publisher sites, and/or links to titles as found in online bookstores such as Barnes & Noble and Amazon.com. Requests should include the requester's name, as well as the course(s) or curriculum that the material would support. Requests should also identify the type(s) of material being requested, e.g. DVD, book, e-book, etc.

If sending more than one request, please prioritize them as to order of importance, in case library funding does not allow all items to be purchased. Requests are subject to the approval of the Library Dean, based on the availability of library acquisitions funds.

Students and visitors to our library may also make suggestions for materials using a separate Student/Visitor Book Order Form (PDF).

Book Review Programs

The Library utilizes a couple of book review services in order to choose materials to add to its collection, and these book review services are also available to faculty. You may learn more about these services on our Book Review Programs page.

Last Updated: 30 July 2014