Information Literacy Instruction

Schedule Information Literacy/Library Instruction sessions

When scheduling library instruction, it is most helpful to have an assignment or specific coursework in mind that will utilize library resources. This will allow the librarian to prepare a more customized and effective presentation for your class. If you do not know how library resources might aid your class in their work, or want to learn more about what the library has to offer your students, please contact a librarian.


If you have an assignment or specific subject in mind for library instruction, please contact Information Literacy Librarian Yan He at extension 9249 (on campus) or (765) 455-9249Call 765-455-9249 (off campus). Yan will ask that you supply her with either a copy of the class assignment or the course syllabus to help her put together a presentation that will be most effective for your class.

If you need help updating an existing assignment or creating an assignment that will be adequately supported by library resources, please contact Yan He for assistance.

For guidance in planning, designing, and assessing library assignments, please see our Planning a Library Assignment page.

Processing Library Instruction Requests

All requests for library instruction must be made in writing and scheduled at least two weeks in advance. Please schedule via e-mail to Yan He.

Please be aware that course instructors are asked to attend any library instruction sessions with their classes and should come prepared to assist the librarian, if necessary. Several presentations have hands-on components that require the assistance of the instructor.

If time is available at the end of the library instruction session, instructors may use the library classroom to return papers, discuss future assignments, meet with individual students, etc.

No library instruction sessions will be scheduled on the last day of class immediately preceding a holiday break, nor on the first day back after a break. The library traditionally regards the last week of classes and the final exams period as quiet study periods for students, so no library instruction sessions will be scheduled during these periods, either.

Scheduling Information Literacy Classrooms for Other Purposes

In addition to library instruction sessions, the information literacy computer classrooms may be scheduled for use by faculty and other University personnel and are particularly useful when both an instructor workstation and student workstations are needed.

To schedule one or both of these classrooms, contact Cynthia Lipken, Library Secretary, at extension 9511 (on campus) or (765) 455-9511Call 765-455-9511 (off campus). She may also be reached via e-mail at If you are unable to reach Cynthia, you may contact Yan He, Information Literacy Librarian, at x9249 or as a back-up.

Permanent use of either or both classroom(s) by any class or group throughout a semester is prohibited. For the first ten weeks of each semester, one classroom will be reserved exclusively for library instruction.

The classrooms are configured as follows:

Last Updated: 23 July 2014