4 Year Degree Plans

Bachelor of Arts in English with a concentration in Language and Literature

School of Humanities and Social Sciences

*This is an example of a four year degree plan. Please see your advisor for more details.

  • Freshman, Fall (14 cr. hrs.)

    ENG-W131 Elementary Composition I, 3 cr.
    ENG-L202 Literary Interpretation, 3 cr.
    COAS-E103 Topics in Arts and Humanities, 3 cr.
    Math-M133/M134 Topics in Math, 4 cr.
    CSCI-C100 Computing Tools, 1 cr.
  • Freshman, Spring (15 cr. hrs.)

    ENG-W132 Elementary Composition II, 3 cr.
    ENG-L225 Intro to World Literature, 3 cr.
    SPCH-S121 Public Speaking, 3 cr.

    PHIL-P100 Intro to Philosophy, 3 cr.
    PSY-P103 General Psychology
  • Sophomore, Fall (15 cr. hrs.)

    ENG-E301 English Literature to 1600, 3 cr.

    SPAN-S111 Elementary Spanish I, 4 cr.
    BIOL-L100 Humans and Biology, 5 cr.
    HIST-H113 Western Civilization I, 3 cr.
  • Sophomore, Spring (16 cr. hrs.)

    ENG-L352 American Lit 1865-1914, 3 cr.
    ENG-L204 Intro to Fiction, 3 cr.

    SPAN-S112 Elementary Spanish II, 3 cr.
    SOC-S100 Intro to Sociology, 3 cr.
    HIST-H114 Western Civilization II, 3 cr.
  • Junior, Fall (15 cr. hrs.)

    ENG-L348 19th Century British Fiction, 3 cr.
    ENG-L315 Plays of Shakespeare, 3 cr.

    SPAN-S203 Second-Year Spanish, 3 cr.
    CHEM-C100/C120 The World of Chemistry, 5 cr.
    THTR-T149 Theatre Practicum, 1 cr.
  • Junior, Spring (15 cr. hrs.)

    ENG-L406 The Harlem Renaissance, 3 cr.
    ENG-L371 Critical Practices, cr.

    SPAN-S204 Second-Year Spanish II, 3 cr.
    ANTH-A104 Culture and Society, 3 cr.
    CMLT-C392 Genre Study in Film, 3 cr.
  • Senior, Fall (15 cr. hrs.)

    ENG-L495 Senior Seminar, 3 cr.
    ENG-L354 20th Century Amer Lit, 3 cr.

    CHEM-C390 Environmental Science, 3 cr.
    MUS-Z301 Rock Music, 3 cr.
    HIST-H105 American History I, 3 cr.
  • Senior, Spring (15 cr. hrs.)

    ENG-L369 Topics in Literature, 3 cr.
    ENG-G301 History of the Eng Lang, 3 cr.

    NMCM-N213 Web Design, 3 cr.
    FOLK-F101 Intro to Folklore, 3 cr.
    PHIL-P342 Problems in Ethics, 3 cr.

* Please see your advisor for the most current class details.