Taxonomies of Educational Objectives, Learning Activities, and Assessments

Taxonomy for Cognitive Domain for intellectual skills (Bloom's taxonomy)

List of levels and verbs for objectives from Hatfield's Workshop (pdf)

Bloom's cognitive domain levels taxonomy (Illinois Online Network)

A job aid to help align your learning objectives, teaching activities, and assessments to levels in Bloom's taxonomy

An Expanded Taxonomy of Learning matrix for Anderson and Krathwohl's update to Bloom's Taxonomy for Cognitive Domain which shows the levels of learning, ways to describe learning objectives, what the student does, what the teacher does, and kinds of assessments for each level

A matrix you can fill in to map the kinds of intellectual skills your students will learn with Anderson and Krathwohl's updated levels of cognitive learning

Taxonomy for Affective Domain for attitude

A tutorial to learn the meanings of the levels of the affective domain (Wisc-Online Wisconsin Online Resource Center)

Taxonomy for Psychomotor Domain for physical skills

Simpson's psychomotor domain levels (University of Connecticut)

Taxonomy of Significant Learning

L. Dee Fink's taxonomy for identifying significant, lasting learning more broadly than cognitive domain
Taxonomy of Significant Learning - a quick look at the categories