Assessment of Student Learning

Role of the Center for Teaching, Learning and Assessment (CTLA)

The CTLA, as part of Academic Affairs, is the administrative unit which supports faculty engagement in effective assessment of student learning at the course level. CTLA also supports program level assessment by maintaining this assessment website for both course level and program level assessment.

The faculty, staff, and administration of Indiana University Kokomo share responsibility for assessing their unit's role in achieving the mission of IU Kokomo and in promoting student learning. Academic Affairs and its Assessment Advisory Council collaborate with departments, the Faculty Senate Assessment Committee, and the Educational Policies Committee to guide and assist units in their assessment efforts. The Assistant Vice Chancellor of Academic Affairs offers consultation on all aspects of the program assessment process, including writing plans, designing activities, collecting and analyzing data, and writing reports.

CTLA Web Resources for Assessment

To support a culture of assessment, CTLA offers these online resources for faculty and staff which

CTLA's Program Assessment

List of our own Program Assessment Plans and Reports by year

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