Glossary of Terms

Admission- The act of applying for and being accepted as a new student to a university or college.

Assistant Vice Chancellor- An assistant administrator to the vice chancellor.

Associate Degree- A university degree that is completed with a minimum of 60 credit hours in specified courses.

Baccalaureate (Bachelor’s) Degree- A university degree that is completed with a minimum of 120 credit hours in specified courses.

Bursar- A term used to designate the person/university office that is responsible for receiving payments and disbursing funds.

Chair- A person who holds an office or a position of authority within an academic division in a university.

Chancellor- President or chief executive officer of a campus. Code of Student Rights, Responsibilities, and Conduct The university’s code of student conduct is contained in the publication Student Rights, Responsibilities, and Conduct (Also on the Web at All students should be familiar with policies that pertain to academic and personal misconduct, as well as student complaints. Students needing assistance in resolving matters pertaining to the “Code” of conduct can contact the Dean of Students, (765) 455-9203, Kelley Student Center, Room 210.

Corequisite- A course that must be taken at the same time as another course.

Credit/Credit Hour- A numerical unit used to indicate the completion of academic work. Ordinarily, 1 credit hour is given for one hour of class attendance per week for the period of a semester. In some courses, however, such as laboratory courses, two or three “clock” hours of attendance per week are required to earn 1 credit hour. Most courses are worth 3 credits. Approximately 120 credit hours are required for a bachelor’s degree, and about 60 are required for an associate degree.

Credit Transfer Report (CTR)- A document issued by the Office of Admissions indicating how much academic work completed at another institution is applicable to academic programs in the accepting institution.

Curriculum- Courses required within a particular field of study.

Dean- An administrative officer in charge of an academic school or division of a university.

Elective- A course that is taken outside of the major requirements. The list of courses for a major will frequently include a certain number of electives in which students may enroll.

Emergencies- University employees are not responsible for contacting students on campus in emergency situations. All students should provide class information (days and times) to a parent, spouse, relative, friend, baby sitter, etc., so that direct contact can be made, if necessary, by one of the parties listed. Limited assistance can be provided by the Office of Student Services at (765) 455-9214.

Financial Aid- Funds available through private, state, and federal sources to assist students with educational expenses.

Grade Point Average (GPA)- The average of one’s grades. Credit points are determined by multiplying the grade points earned by the number of semester hours for that course. The grade point average for a semester is computed by dividing the total number of credit points by the total number of credit hours. Indiana University Kokomo uses the 4.0 grading system: A+ or A = 4.0, A– = 3.7, B+ = 3.3, B = 3.0, B– = 2.7, C+ = 2.3, C = 2.0, C– = 1.7, D+ = 1.3, D = 1.0, D– = 0.7, F = 0.0.

Grant- Financial assistance that does not have to be repaid, usually awarded on the basis of financial need.

Library- A center that provides collections, services, and environments for research and study.

Loan- Financial assistance based on need; must be repaid; provided through schools, banks, and state and federal governments. Recipient must be enrolled in at least 6 hours per semester/term. Interest rates on educational loans are often less than for other types of loans.

Major- An academic subject matter area in which a student specializes.

Matriculant- One who is enrolled as a student at a college or university.

Normal Business Hours- Most university offices are open 8 a.m.–5 p.m. Since there are exceptions, call individual offices to verify hours.

Off-Campus Class Sites- To better serve students and to accommodate those who live in the surrounding communities the university serves, IU Kokomo offers some classes off campus. See the online Schedule of Classes for listings.

Prerequisite- A course which must be taken before a student can enroll in another, more advanced course. Prerequisites are indicated in the IU Kokomo Bulletin,

Registrar- The designation for a person/office that maintains the security and integrity of your academic record. The Office of the Registrar is in charge of registration, as well as processing grades, schedule adjustments, and degrees. It also produces transcripts.

Registration- The act of formally enrolling.

Scholarship- Financial assistance awarded on the basis of academic merit and/or financial need; does not require repayment.

Semester- The 16-week academic term used by Indiana University. The academic year consists of fall and spring semesters, plus, plus a summer term.

Syllabus- A course information document listing instructor data, texts, expectations, dates, and other information.

Transcript- A document which lists a student’s academic record, including courses completed, grades received, and credits earned.

Tuition- The fee charged by Indiana University for courses in which a student is enrolled. For more information on current tuition rates, refer to the IU Kokomo Schedule of Classes or visit

Undergraduate- A college or university student who has not yet earned a bachelor’s degree. A term related to a degree, as in undergraduate education, student, course, or program.

Vice Chancellor- A deputy or an assistant administrator to the chancellor.