Academic Regulations

Course Load

(Suggested course load if not working and your high school grades were)

Mostly A’s and B’s, 15–17 hours

Mostly B’s and C’s, 14–15 hours

Mostly C’s, 12–13 hours

Admitted on conditional status, 12 hours (maximum)

Grades and Computing Your Grade Point Average (GPA)

Instructors in undergraduate and graduate courses use a grading system which includes plus and minus grades, as well as straight grades for all undergraduate and graduate course records. The registrar computes numerical grades for plus and minus grades when computing grade point averages (A+ or A = 4, A– = 3.7, B+ = 3.3, B = 3.0, B– = 2.7, C+ = 2.3, C = 2.0, C– = 1.7, D+ = 1.3, D = 1.0, D– = 0.7, F = 0.0). Credit points are determined by multiplying the grade point in a course by the number of credit hours for that course. The grade point average for a semester is computed by dividing the total number of credit points by the number of credit hours carried. Students have access to a GPA calculator on the Web at; click on “Grades and GPA Calculator.” Under the example in the GPA Calculator section, click the link for the GPA Calculator.

Pass-Fail Option 

This option permits students to designate courses to be taken for either a pass (P) or a fail (F) grade. It is available to all undergraduate students for a maximum of two elective courses per academic calendar year. Pass/Fail Deadlines can be found on the Web at Click the ‘Deadlines’ link for the semester in question. See your advisor for furture information.

Class Standing

Class standing is based on credit hours completed: freshman, 25 hours or fewer; sophomore, 26–55; junior, 56–85; senior, 86 or more. The number of hours for class standing is defined as the total number of hours completed within the program of study.

Degree Requirements

The minimum number of credit hours required for the bachelor’s degree is usually 120. The specific degree requirements of the academic division from which the student expects to receive a degree should be checked by the student. A minimum cumulative grade point average of 2.0 is required.

Extended X

Undergraduate students who wish to repeat a course in which they received a grade below an A must secure approval from their academic advisor. The course in which the student re-enrolls should be the same course that is being replaced. However, course numbers and titles occasionally change, and this will be taken into account. A student may exercise the Extended X option for no more than 3 courses, totaling no more than 10 credits during an academic career. In addition, a student may use the Extended X option only once for any given course. A student who has failed a course due to academic dishonesty may not retake that course for grade replacement under this policy. To exercise the Extended X option, students must obtain an Extended X form from their academic unit or the Office of the Registrar, secure the appropriate signatures, and return the form to the Office of the Registrar.


An incomplete grade is assigned only when the required work of the course is substantially completed and the student’s work is of a passing quality. A grade of Incomplete must be removed within the time stipulated by the instructor; under no circumstances may this exceed one calendar year. If a grade of Incomplete has not been removed within the calendar year of its recording, it will be changed to an F.


A student who simply stops attending class or “drops out” of a class without officially withdrawing from it will receive an F in the course. A grade of W is automatically given to students who make an official application for withdrawal during the first eight weeks of a regular semester or the first four weeks of a summer session. Each student will need to meet with their academic advisor and financial aid prior to dropping (dropped classes could affect financial aid). Withdrawal forms are available in the Office of the Registrar. Complete information on withdrawals can be found on the Web at affairs/policies procedures/withdrawal policy.shtml.


Semester deadlines can be found at You will find refund deadlines, Pass/Fail deadlines, withdrawal deadlines, etc.