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Stopping the Tenure Clock

Under unusual circumstances, an untenured probationary faculty member or librarian may request in writing an extension of the time preceding his or her tenure review.  This request must be made by the penultimate (next to the last) year toward tenure.  Such an extension is ordinarily not to exceed one calendar year.  Either a professional or a personal emergency (e.g., a substantial change in one's health or work environment or in one's public service or care-giving responsibilities) may be an appropriate reason for requesting such an extension.  Any probationary period extension must be approved in writing by one's department chair (if applicable), one's academic dean, and by the Vice Chancellor of Academic Affairs and is to be recorded as an addendum to the faculty member's or librarian's Notice of Terms of Initial Appointment.  This policy is separate from policies regarding leaves of absence without pay or with partial pay.

Approved by the Indiana University Kokomo Faculty Senate November 20, 2006.