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Ryan International Award

The John W. Ryan Award for Distinguished Contributions, to International Programs and Studies


The John W. Ryan Award honors Indiana University faculty members for exceptional contributions to the University's international programs and studies. Two award s are given each year within the IU system.

Selection Procedure

A representative, university-wide selection committee is appointed annually by the Dean for International Programs. This committee will solicit nominations from all campuses, review credentials, and select the awardees. Candidates who do not receive awards in one year may be reconsidered for a future year with new letters of nomination.


The recipients will be selected on the basis of the criteria below. tI! Exceptional contributions in teaching, research, or professional service to international programs at Indiana University, conducted over a period of years. Such contributions must have been influential in the development of international academic programs, discipline, or the professions.

Exceptional contributions should have a sustainable impact on the students and faculty of Indiana University. Such contributions should be comprehensive in nature and demonstrate uncommon achievement, extraordinary involvement, and depth of commitment to the University's international mission.

Award Eligibility

-> Nominees must currently hold or have held faculty rank. (Emeriti professors are eligible.)

-> Current administrators within the Office of International Programs are not eligible.

-> Self-nominations are not accepted.

Recipients of this award will be recognized at the Founder's Day ceremony with a certificate and an award of $1,000 to be provided by the IU Foundation.