Administrative Offices
Office of Academic Affairs

Instructor Absence or Cancellation

Acceptance of a faculty appointment carries with it the responsibility of meeting every scheduled­ class for the scheduled length of time. Occasionally, it may be necessary to miss classes because of illness or some other emergency. Classes should not be canceled due to inclement weather. When classes must be canceled the faculty member should:

  1. Notify the office of the Vice Chancellor for Academic Affairs and appropriate department or division chairperson and arrange for a qualified replacement instructor, if possible, so that the class will not have to be canceled. The substitute should be supplied with material for presentation to the class. Secretarial personnel and students are not to be involved in matters that should be handled by instructional staff.
  2. Notify the office of Vice Chancellor for Academic Affairs and appropriate department or division chairperson if some emergency arises requiring that the class be suddenly canceled. If possible, students from out-of-town will be notified. This procedure should not be used capriciously, as it is both burdensome and expensive.
  3. If a class meeting must be canceled, the class session should be made up by a special meeting, or the assignment of additional academic work. Because of the heterogeneity of courses, instructors, teaching styles, time, etc., it is left up to the discretion of each instructor, in consultation with the chairperson/director of the academic unit, to determine how to make up the missed class. Some alternatives are:

    a. Extra work outside of class;

    b. Lengthened class periods where room schedules allow (check with Academic Affairs);

    c. Extra class meetings mutually agreeable to instructor and students;

    d. Greater use of the final examination period.

  4. Faculty teaching in Outreach should also contact the Project Outreach office concerning items 1, 2, and 3.
  5. After 5:00 PM, call the switchboard operator who will have a note posted on the class room door if possible.