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Office of Academic Affairs

Outline for Dossier Preparation

As indicated previously, the Committee on Distinguished Teaching Awards does not desire an artificial uniformity in the dossiers presented; it does suggest that supporting documentation be submitted on as many of the following items as appropriate:

1. Resume of the individual being nominated.

2. Courses taught at Indiana University-listed by semester and enrollment

3. Self-analysis—describe any efforts undertaken to analyze teaching, with specific reference to self-improvement and student accomplishment in its broadest sense.

4. Student evaluations of teaching i.e., (a random sample showing student evidence across the teaching career)-include only summaries when student evaluation forms have been utilized; include all unsolicited student evaluations as well.

5. Peer-evaluations—both local and external-solicited and unsolicited.

6. Administrative evaluations—indicate areas specific to teaching.

7. Publications in print or electronic media related to teaching-when possible include copies of publications.

8. Systematic course or program development-include materials or descriptions of effort and evaluation data if available.

9. Research related to teaching-list publications and submit abstracts if possible.

10. Academic student counseling—describe any unusual activities, such as working with students in special needs areas.

Items 6,7 and 9 may not be applicable to associate instructors, or to part-time faculty.

It would be helpful to the Committee for the material to be submitted in the above order. All material submitted must be placed in a single-three ring binder. An additional binder may be submitted with supportive evidence, but the case should be made in the main binder. The second binder is for documentation only.

As indicated previously, faculty nominees not receiving an award in the year nominated are automatically reconsidered the following year. It is advisable to add new supporting evidence to materials submitted the previous year. Associate instructors and part-time faculty are not automatically reconsidered for a second year, but they may be renominated.

In order to give the Committee on Distinguished Teaching Awards time to consider nominees and make final selections, materials should be sent to the Committee on Distinguished Teaching Awards, University Chancellor’s Office, Owen Hall, Room 100, IU Bloomington, on or before October 14.