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IU Kokomo Annual Faculty Scholarship Awards Guidelines

Descriptions, Eligibility Criteria, and Procedures

Annual Scholarship Awards Descriptions and Eligibility Criteria

  • Scholarship includes research activities, creative activities, scholarship of teaching and learning, and other related scholarly contributions of faculty members. Therefore, this award recognizes all types of creative and research activities. All full-time faculty are eligible to apply for the awards in their appropriate category as noted below.
  • Faculty members should describe the nature of their field, stature of scholarly activities, and “case” as to why they are deserving of an Annual Scholarship Award in the context of their field.
  • The Faculty Annual Scholarship Awards (2) will be given to faculty to recognize their scholarly accomplishments, and their contribution to their field and the enhancement of the culture of scholarship at IU Kokomo. Thus, the faculty member must have been at IU Kokomo for a full calendar year. There will be one annual award to be given to a full-time faculty member in each award category (except under the condition noted below).
Junior Faculty Scholarship Award

Those who apply to this category include Assistant Professors, Lecturers, Clinical Assistant Professors, or other applicable positions.

Senior Faculty Scholarship Award

Those who apply to this category include Associate and Full Professors, Senior Lecturers, Clinical Associate and Full Professors, or other applicable positions.

Both awards have been approved for $2,500 each. Awarded faculty members will have the option to receive the monetary award through payroll or to have the monetary award deposited into their research account.

Application Procedures

  • The deadline for submitting the application is April 1st.
  • The application should include research and scholarship accomplishments from January 1 to December 31 of the previous year.
  • Applications should be submitted electronically to Academic Affairs by emailing the Associate Vice Chancellor of Academic Affairs. Please submit your application in one PDF file.

Application Requirements

The following should be included in your application (Copies of projects or works in progress should be provided as evidence):

  1. Reflective Statement: Please include a reflective statement that discusses your research/scholarly activity, your roles in your projects, and your accomplishments in creating projects independently and in leading projects. This statement should also speak to your ability as a mentor and/or an independent researcher or scholar, and discuss the nature of your field and why you are deserving of the award, and your future scholarship plans. Please limit this section to 10 pages.
  2. Evidence of Projects: Please provide evidence of your publications or creative works (including but not limited to peer-reviewed journal articles, poetry, chapters, books, exhibits), academic and public presentations, and internal or external grants that you received. Any scholarly activities that have been accepted (not officially published) in the year of your application may be submitted. Please also note how you contributed to collaborative works.
  3. Works in Progress: Please share evidence of your works in progress (including but not limited to manuscripts, exhibits, books, or artistic works in preparation). Please also note how you are contributing to collaborative works.
  4. Collaboration and Knowledge Application: Please share your interdisciplinary or collaborative efforts from your projects and how you have shared your work with the public or outside of academia (including but not limited to interdisciplinary work, international work, community adoption of ideas/works).
  5. Other Scholarly Activity: Please share your scholarly activities related to academic or professional organizations or journals (including but not limited to reviewing research articles or grants, guest editing or editing a journal, serving as a discussant or invited speaker).
  6. Statement of Supervisor Support: Include a statement of support from your supervisor (dean or chair). It should be a one-sentence statement of support for your application and signed by the supervisor

Note: Whereas this record of projects and activities may be similar or the same as what is on the applicant’s Faculty Annual Report, this record is separate from the Faculty Annual Report process.

Adjudication Procedures and Evaluation Criteria

This award program is administered by Academic Affairs. The Research Awards Committee will adjudicate these awards. A decision will be made by May 15.

If there are no Senior Faculty who apply or if no Senior Faculty meet the criteria for excellence in scholarship, a second award may be given to another Junior Faculty if s/he meets the criteria for excellence in scholarship. If there are no Junior Faculty who apply or no Junior Faculty meet the criteria for excellence in scholarship, the award may be given to a second Senior Faculty member if s/he meets the criteria for excellence in scholarship.

An applicant cannot receive an Annual Award more than once in three calendar years.

An applicant cannot also receive the five-year research award in the same calendar year that they receive the Annual Research Award. 

Applications receiving funding must provide sufficient evidence for excellence in scholarship as defined by the following evaluation criteria (in order of importance):

  1. Quality of the Reflective Statement: To what extent has the applicant clearly and completely discussed the components of the reflective statement? To what extent has the applicant made the case that they have achieved excellence in scholarship?
  2. Impact of Scholarship: What is the quality, quantity, and impact of the scholarship that was completed and is in progress? What is the impact in the context of the field of study?
  3. Impact of Scholarly Activities and Service to Field of Study: What is the quality, quantity, and impact of the activities and service to the field of study?
  4. Reach of Scholarship: To what extent has the scholarship reached those in and out of the academic field? How has this work been adopted or shared in a community-context?

Award Reception

The Annual Junior and Senior Faculty Scholarship Awards will be awarded during the Fall Convocation.

Drafted by the Faculty Senate Research Affairs Committee (November, 2017) and informed by the preliminary award proposal approved by Faculty Senate in November, 2014.

Approved by the Faculty Senate, November, 2017.