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Administrative Offices
Office of Academic Affairs

Advance Placement

Admissions Deadline

Effective Fall semester, 1991, a student seeking to enroll at IU Kokomo for a Fall or Spring semester or a summer session, must have a complete admissions application including all required supporting documents on file with the director of admissions three weeks before the first day of classes of the semester or summer session. Only transfer students in good standing at their previous institutions and with 26 or more semester hours of credit are exempt from this rule. This deadline applies to adult non-degree admission applicants but does not apply to transient students.

(Faculty Senate, 4/23/1990)

Admissions Criteria

For placement into the appropriate mathematics and English courses, all students must demonstrate their skill levels using the assessment tools established by the IU Kokomo faculty. If these levels indicate a student is not prepared to enter the lowest level of classes taught at IU Kokomo, then he/she will be advised to attend the CCI to ameliorate the deficiencies.

Unconditional Admission

Unconditional Admission will be granted to students who have graduated from high school and who:

  1. Have earned an Academic Honors Diploma (AHD) or Core 40 Diploma; AND are ranked in the upper half of their graduating class: AND have a composite SAT score of 1000 (ACT score of 21), AND have a high school cumulative GPA of at least a "B". (See note #1 below).

  2. Do not meet the criteria in category one, but meet Indiana University minimum academic preparation guidelines:
    a. Are in the upper half of their graduating class; AND
    b. Have SAT/ACT scores at or near the state average (SAT ~950, ACT ~20) (see note #2
    below); AND
    c. Have completed 28 college preparatory courses ( see note #3 below)

Conditional Admission

(F.Y.I. - Conditional admission means that students are limited to enrolling in 12 hours for the first semester and may have various other requirements to fulfill. These requirements vary by student and/or major.)

Conditional admission will be granted to students who have graduated from high school and who:

  1. Have earned an Academic Honors Diploma but do not qualify for Unconditional Admission; OR

  2. Have completed the Core 40 curriculum with a grade of at least a C: in each required Core 40 course but who do not have the class rank and/or test scores to qualify for Unconditional Admission; OR

  3. Have completed the Core 40 curriculum but have not earned a grade of C in all Core 40 courses, and who meet one of the other Indiana University minimum criteria in SAT/ACT scores or class rank; OR

  4. Meet two of the three Indiana University minimum criteria; OR

  5. Have not completed a college preparatory curriculum, but evidence superior academic achievement in either SAT/ACT scores (SAT score 1000/ACT score 21) or class rank (75th percentile); GED recipients with a score of 57 will also qualify; OR

  6. Applicants who do not meet the criteria for Conditional Admission in categories I-V must demonstrate college readiness as a precondition for admission. College readiness requires attainment of the minimum expected high school class rank ( See note #4 below); AND achievement of the cut-off score on the reading assessment tool ( i.e., reading at a level of grade 11 on the Nelson Denny test or its equivalent); AND achievement of the cut-off score on at least one other fundamental skills assessment tool (English or mathematics). Students not meeting these requirements will be advised to attend the CCI to ameliorate their deficiencies.


  1. Students completing a GED with a score of 62 or more and having an SAT score of 100 or more (ACT score of 21) also qualify for Academic Honors Diploma. These are the "Preferential Early Acceptance Admission" students (from CCI document).

  2. Students out of high school for more than three years will be waived from the SAT and/or ACT requirements.

  3. 8 semesters of English
    6 semesters of mathematics
    2 semesters of laboratory science
    4 semesters of social science
    8 semesters of some combination of foreign language, computer science, social sciences, math, and lab science, etc. (Only courses on the official accepted course list for either Academic Honors or Core 40 may be included in these 8 semesters.)

  4. For Fall 2004 graduates class rank minimum of 20th percentile
    For Fall 2005 graduates and beyond, class rank minimum of 30th percentile

Students will be Denied Admission to IU Kokomo and referred to CCI who:

Do not qualify for Unconditional Admission or Conditional Admission.

(Faculty Senate 5/7/2002)

CEEB Achievement Tests Achievement tests are required for placement purposes in the foreign languages and chemistry and are recommended for determining eligibility for advanced credit or exemption at IU.

The foreign language achievement test is required for all persons admitted who wish to continue study in a language or who plan to receive a degree in arts and sciences or from the College of Arts and Sciences at Indiana University Bloomington.

The chemistry achievement test is required for all those admitted who have taken high school chemistry and plan to continue beyond two semesters of college chemistry. (Examples: predentistry, premedicine, preoptometry, chemistry, physics, and medical technology.)

Students having superior knowledge of mathematics, American history, chemistry, biology, a foreign language, or English composition are encouraged to take achievement tests for possible exemption or advanced credit.

Students not affected by the foreign language and chemistry requirement for placement purposes and who do not plan to participate in the advanced credit program at Indiana University are not required to take the College Entrance Examination Board achievement tests.

College Level Examination Program (CLEP) Students who have obtained college level education through media outside the formal classroom may receive advanced credit for CLEP Subject Examinations.  Applications for CLEP examinations are available in the student services office.

Veteran's Credit Veterans of military service are eligible for academic credit as a result of their military training and experience.  The university follows the provisions of the American Council on Education's Guide to the Evaluation of Educational Experiences in the Armed Services in granting credit.  Copies of official discharge, separation papers, or transcripts must be submitted as a basis for granting credit.  Evaluation of service credit is administered by the Office of Admissions.

Credit by Examination Students who believe they are proficient in a subject area may seek to earn credit by taking a written "end-of-course" or comprehensive examination in that subject. Arrangements to sit for the examination must be made with a division chairperson. A $5 administration fee must be paid at the Office of Administration and Finance prior to taking the examination.  A grade of C or above will earn the appropriate number of Satisfactory (S) credit hours for the course.  No credit will be given for a grade below C.

Credit by Examination, Credentials, and Special Credit Fee Structure

The Trustees of Indiana University have approved the following fee structure for special credit:

The credit hour fee for credit by examination is waived for freshmen during the first two regular semesters (fall and spring) following their matriculation at Indiana University.  Undergraduate transfers from other institutions can receive credit by examination during their first semester in attendance at Indiana University by paying a recording fee of $21.50 per credit hour.  All other fully admitted undergraduates and all fully admitted graduate students who apply for university credit by examination will be assessed at their appropriate regular credit hour fee rates.  If special credit is awarded as a result of credentials or experience, a charge of $21.50 per credit hour will be assessed, up to a maximum of $100.00 per course.


When credit is earned by examination, only the grades of S and A will be used in recording.  The grade of S will ordinarily be used and the grade of A will be assigned only in instances of clearly superior performance. 


Courses may be taken on an official audit basis.  No credit will be given for the courses; the audited courses will be indicated on the student’s transcript with a grade of NC.  Students will be charged full price for any course taken as an audit.  The student must obtain an Audit Form from their academic unit or the Office of the Registrar, secure the appropriate signatures, and return the form to the Office of the Registrar, by the fourth week of the semester. 

(Administrative Practice)

Last updated: 06/05/2017