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IU Kokomo Faculty Senate
IU Kokomo Faculty Senate Constitution


Subject to the approval of the Board of Trustees of Indiana University by the virtue of the authority granted them by the Acts of the Indiana General Assembly, we the faculty of Indiana University Kokomo, in order to serve more effectively the students and administration of Indiana University Kokomo do hereby organize the Faculty Senate and adopt the following document.

ARTICLE 1 Faculty Status and Rights

ARTICLE 1 Section 1: The Faculty

  1. All persons on the campus of Indiana University Kokomo who are full-time instructional, research, or administrative appointees holding Indiana University appointments to the rank of Lecturer or above are hereinafter referred to collectively as "the faculty" and individually as ``faculty members."
  2. Librarians appointed by Indiana University to this campus shall be faculty members of the Faculty Senate and shall be accorded the same privileges as the faculty.
  3. All persons on the campus of Indiana University Kokomo who are full-time instructional, research, or administrative appointees holding Purdue University appointments to the rank of Lecturer or above are hereinafter referred to collectively as "Purdue faculty" and individually as "Purdue faculty members".
  4. All persons on this campus who are part-time instructional, research, or administrative appointees holding academic appointments to the rank of Lecturer or above from either Indiana University or Purdue University are hereinafter referred to collectively as "adjunct faculty" and individual as "adjunct faculty members."
  5. Emeritus members of the faculty and faculty members on sabbatical or leave of absence shall have the same voting privileges as Purdue faculty members. The same rights shall apply to emeritus members of the Purdue faculty and to Purdue faculty members on leave of absence.
  6. The Chancellor shall certify to the secretary of the Faculty Senate the names of all academic appointments and their membership classification. The certification shall be made by September 1 each year, and thereafter as appointments occur.

ARTICLE 1 Section 2: The Faculty Senate

  1. The faculty, Purdue faculty and adjunct faculty when sitting in formal assembly pursuant to these Articles shall collectively be known as the ``Faculty Senate."
  2. The Faculty Senate is hereby created by the vote of the faculty as confirmed in this constitutional document, and as authorized by the Trustees of Indiana University.
  3. All faculty members shall have the right to vote. Purdue faculty members shall have the right to vote on all issues before the Faculty Senate except for the election of officers and standing committees of the Faculty Senate. Adjunct faculty members may attend meetings of the Faculty and participate therein but shall not vote.
  4. The president of the Adjunct Faculty Council and the President of the Indiana University Kokomo Student Body shall have the same voting rights as members of the Purdue faculty.

ARTICLE 1 Section 3: Adjunct Faculty Council

In early September of each year the Adjunct Faculty shall elect an Adjunct Faculty Council composed of five (5) members. The Council shall elect a President and a Secretary. The Vice Chancellor for Academic Affairs shall organize and supervise the elections and inform the President of the Faculty Senate on the outcome of the elections. The Council shall discuss issues of concern to Adjunct Faculty and make recommendations to the Faculty Senate or to the Administration as appropriate. The President of the Council shall attend the Faculty Senate meetings as a voting member, place items of concern to adjunct faculty with the Faculty Agenda Committee, and present those items to the Faculty Senate for discussion and action.

ARTICLE 2 Powers

ARTICLE 2 Section 1: Legislative Authority

  1. Legislative authority means the power to establish policies and to determine procedures for their implementation subject to the Board of Trustees, the laws of the State, and the University Faculty Council.
  2. As specified in the All-University Faculty Constitution, the faculty has legislative authority in the following areas:
    1. Standards of admission and retention of students.
    2. Determination of curriculum.
    3. Class scheduling and University calendar.
    4. Determination of faculty status.
    5. Standards and procedures for faculty appointments.
    6. Standards and procedures concerning faculty promotion and tenure.
    7. Standards and procedures for faculty conduct and discipline.
    8. Standards and procedures for the appointment of academic administrative officials.
    9. Standards and procedures concerning athletics.
    10. Standards and procedures concerning student conduct and discipline.
    11. The conferring of degrees.
    12. Such other authority as may be subsequently delegated by the Trustees.
    13. Other educational policies of the University.

ARTICLE 2 Section 2: Consultation of the Faculty

  1. University administrative officials should consult with the faculty concerning:
    1. Decisions regarding the University's existing or prospective physical resources.
    2. Allocations of the University's resources among competing demands (i.e., budgeting).
  2. This consultation may take a variety of forms, chief among which should be consultation with elected faculty representatives in the Faculty Senate and with the faculty in any affected division.
  3. University administrative officials should keep the faculty adequately informed in an appropriate manner concerning all policies.

ARTICLE 3 Officers

ARTICLE 3 Section 1: Presiding Officer

  1. The President of the Faculty Senate shall be the presiding officer. In his or her absence the Vice-President shall preside. In the absence of the President and the Vice-President, the senior non-administrative faculty member present at the meeting shall preside. Seniority shall be determined by rank and date of appointment to rank at Indiana University.
  2. All Faculty Senate committees shall file copies of their minutes and a written summary of activities in the office of the faculty secretary.

ARTICLE 3 Section 2: Other Officers

The other officers shall be a Secretary and a Parliamentarian.

ARTICLE 3 Section 3: Manner of Election

  1. The President, Vice-President, Secretary and Parliamentarian shall be elected from the members of the faculty by a majority vote.
  2. A procedure for nominations shall be provided in the Bylaws.

ARTICLE 3 Section 4: Term of Office

All elected officers shall serve for one year.

ARTICLE 4 Meetings

ARTICLE 4 Section 1: Regular Meetings

The Faculty Senate shall be required to hold no fewer than three meetings during each academic year.

  1. The first required meeting shall be held in September.
  2. The second required meeting shall be held during the first semester.

ARTICLE 4 Section 2: Notice of Meetings

The Secretary shall notify each faculty member, Purdue faculty member, adjunct faculty member and the President of the Indiana University Kokomo Student Senate at least one week in advance of all required and special meetings of the Senate, except when an emergency exists as determined by the Chancellor or the President of the Senate.

ARTICLE 4 Section 3: Special Meetings

Special meetings of the Faculty Senate may be called as follows:

  1. When the Chancellor or the President of the Faculty Senate deems such a meeting is desirable.
  2. When any five members of the faculty are agreed that a Faculty Senate meeting is desirable, and present a signed petition to the Secretary calling for such meetings.


ARTICLE 4 Section 4: Quorum

A majority of the faculty who are not teaching when the Faculty Senate meets shall constitute a quorum for the conducting of all Senate business.

ARTICLE 4 Section 5: Record of Meetings

The Secretary shall duplicate the minutes of all Faculty Senate action. He or she shall retain the original and shall distribute copies within the following three weeks to all faculty members, Purdue faculty members, adjunct faculty members and the President of the IUK Student Senate. Each outgoing Secretary shall be responsible for transferring the complete file of official minutes to the Indiana University Kokomo Archives.

ARTICLE 5 Academic Due Process

The intent of this article is to enable Indiana University Kokomo to produce academic freedom and tenure and to ensure the requirements of academic due process, for instance, as outlined in the IU Kokomo Due Process Procedures, are adhered to for the benefit of all who are involved with or affected by the policies and programs of the institution.

  1. The Faculty Board of Review shall express its judgment on issues of academic freedom, dismissal, discipline, reappointment, tenure, promotion, salary adjustment, annual review, and any other issue that affects the nature or conditions of work/employment, including issues protected by the IU Kokomo Due Process Procedures and any other relevant Due Process polices passed by the Faculty Senate or University Faculty Council. This procedure applies to any faculty member including faculty members who have an administrative role/appointment. The Board is specifically allowed to review the underlying actions and decisions by administration and issue its judgment as to whether the Board believes such action was reasonable under the circumstances and warranted under policy. Action by administration that is not supported by evidence will not be sustained by the Board.
  2. In the course of a review, the Board shall request reconsideration of a decision or recommendation when it finds that inadequate consideration was given to the faculty member's qualifications, that specified procedures were not observed, or that erroneous information substantially affected an appealed decision. If procedures as outlined in the IU Kokomo Due Process policy are not followed as prescribed, the Board will recommend the reversal of the administrative action without further review.
  3. The Board of Review shall be a standing Senate Committee and shall be set forth in the Faculty Senate Bylaws.
  4. The Faculty Senate shall establish procedures governing the operation of the Board of Review.


ARTICLE 6 Bylaws and Amendments

ARTICLE 6 Section 1: Adoption of Bylaws

The Faculty Senate may, by majority vote, adopt such bylaws as are necessary for the governing thereof.

ARTICLE 6 Section 2: Method of Amendment

When an amendment to these articles is proposed, the procedure shall be as follows: A motion which identifies the proposal as an amendment to these articles shall be presented in either a regular or special meeting of the Faculty Senate. Debate on the proposed amendment shall be a special order of business at a special or regular meeting of the Senate at least one week after the introduction of the amendment. Consideration of the amendment shall take precedence over all other business. The vote on the proposal shall be by mail ballot or electronic ballot where the voter is not identified, as determined by the Indiana University Kokomo Faculty Senate Agenda Committee, within one week after the Senate has voted in special or regular meeting that discussion on the proposal is closed.

The Amendment shall be considered adopted when voted for by two-thirds of the total of all of the faculty plus such other members that vote.

(all faculty + other members voting) (2/3) = Votes needed for ratification

ARTICLE 6 Section 3: Rules of Order

Robert Rules of Order prevail unless contrary to the express provisions of these Articles of Government or the Bylaws.

Ratified by the Indiana University Kokomo Faculty Senate, April 22, 1985.

Amended November, 2008.

Amended March, 2016

Last updated: 08/30/2017