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Office of Academic Affairs

IU Kokomo Withdrawal Policy

Students who have officially registered and who wish to withdraw from any or all classes must follow withdrawal procedures.During the first eight weeks of class (four weeks in Summer Sessions), a grade of W is automatically granted if student completes the electronic withdrawal process through the University's electronic registration system. Instructors shall be notified via email of the student's withdrawal.

After the eighth week of classes (four weeks in Summer Sessions), the instructor may assign the grade of either W or F, depending upon the level of work to date. it is the student's responsibility to return the withdrawal form to the Office of the Registrar for proper processing. Failure to do so will result in the grade of F being recorded. The deadline for withdrawal is two weeks (one week in Summer Sessions) before the last day of classes. Under most circumstances, if a student cannot complete the required work during the last two weeks of the semester, then a grade of I might be appropriate but a grade of W is not appropriate. However, unusual circumstances can occur and if this is the case a grade of W may be given if both the chairperson or coordinator and the faculty member agree that an exception is warranted.

(Faculty Senate, 4/22/1985)

Students who withdraw from a course during the last two weeks of a semester must have the permission of the faculty member and the chairman or coordinator of the academic unit offering the course.

Withdrawal During Automatic Withdrawal Period

A grade of W is given to the student who withdraws during the automatic withdrawal period of any semester or term. The grade is assigned on the date of withdrawal.

(Administrative interpretation of action by Faculty Council, May 18, 1965)

Withdrawal After Automatic Withdrawal Period

After the automatic withdrawal period a student may withdraw only with the permission of his or her dean. This approval is given only for urgent reasons relating to extended illness or equivalent distress. To quality for the grade of W, a student must be passing the course on the date of withdrawal. If the student is failing, the grade recorded on the date of withdrawal will be F.

(Faculty Council. May 18. 1965: University Faculty Council, Feb. 8, 1977)


If a student is not in attendance during the last several weeks of a semester, the instructor may report a grade of I if there is a reason to believe that the absence was beyond the student's control; otherwise, he or she shall record a grade of F. Failure to complete a course without an authorized withdrawal will result in the grade of F.

(Faculty Council, Dec. 1, 1953)
It is recommended that when faculty members post the grades of students the grades be identified by code and not by the names of the students.

(Faculty Council. May 15, 1956)
Last updated: 09/14/2018