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Administrative Offices
Office of Academic Affairs

Research and Grants at IU Kokomo

Grant submission procedures

When you find a grant opportunity and decide to write a grant proposal:

  1. Contact Candy Miller at Notify her of your intent to write a grant and include a link to the grant announcement.
  2. Candy will contact IU Bloomington.
  3. IU Bloomington will assign a grant consultant to work with you.  The grant consultant will email you.  This will typically occur within two days.  The grant consultant will aid you in gathering appropriate paperwork and will submit the final grant.
  4. Candy Thompson will also help assemble paperwork, will review the grant announcement, will review and comment on your grant proposal as needed or requested.
  5. Once you have developed the budget, send it to Candy Miller at for approval.
  6. Once finalized, send your grant proposal to Candy Miller and the grant consultant at IU Bloomington.
  7. Candy will submit the final grant to IU.
  8. The grant consultant at IU Bloomington will submit the grant to the granting agency.

** IU Bloomington request final grants be submitted to your grant consultant one week before the grant application is due to the granting agency.

Last updated: 09/14/2018