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Office of Academic Affairs

Adjunct Guidelines



Wherever feasible, departments will advertise for adjunct positions. Other recruitment methods include soliciting referrals from key constituencies. Good candidates also come through independent application.

Application Process:

Departments will require applicants to complete IUK's Professional history form and submit a curriculum vita, graduate level transcripts, and references. Candidates will be interviewed by either the chair or the course coordinator.

Hiring Criteria:

Candidates will have at least a masters or equivalent professional degree and/or appropriate experience. Previous successful college-level teaching experience is preferred. Willingness to teach the desired course as designed by the department/division at the scheduled time is also a criterion.


Departments will assign one person (e.g., chair, course coordinator, senior faculty member) the responsibility for providing a one-to-one orientation for the new adjunct. Departments will also provide a brief handout to accompany the IUK Adjunct Handbook explaining how certain operations are carried out in that department. Academic Affairs and the Adjunct Forum will institute an orientation session for new adjuncts prior to each semester's Adjunct Dinner. Important points to include during orientation are how the department handles space and phone access, syllabi requirements, typing and copying services, logistical support (e.g. films), email access, storage for files/records, contact names and hours, access to supplies, off-campus support, and monitoring/evaluation processes. All Adjuncts are encouraged to establish and use an email address.

Support Services:

Departmental secretaries will provide appropriate typing, copying, and other logistical support services. Departments will provide access to mailboxes, phone and computer access, and space for meeting with students as needed. Departments will establish a regular method of communication with adjuncts. IUK will continue to publish a monthly adjunct newsletter in cooperation with the Adjunct Forum.

Departmental Participation:
In so far as possible, Adjuncts will be invited to participate in discussions involving curriculum development in the areas in which they teach. (See January 14, 1991, Faculty Senate Resolution concerning adjunct involvement in department meetings at least once each semester).


Adjuncts will be monitored during the semester by either the chair or the course coordinator or a faculty designee. Monitoring may include classroom visits, phone calls, appointments, or other appropriate contacts.


All Adjuncts will submit an "Adjunct Annual Report" (copy attached) by January 31 covering activities for the previous calendar year. To prepare the report, adjuncts will receive copies of all student evaluations, written comments from any peer classroom visits, and any other evaluation material. The chair or course coordinator will prepare an annual review letter for each adjunct evaluating their teaching performance.

Professional Development:

All Adjuncts are encourages to participate in the professional development activities offered by the Center for Teaching Excellence, Instructional Technology, Computing Services, and other campus service offices.

(Proposed by the Adjunct Forum, March 1997)
(Revised by the Academic Council, June 1997)
(Printed February 19, 2001)

Last updated: 09/14/2018