IU Foundation Accounts

Below is our list of the places you can give along with their account numbers. You can also filter your results or download a printable copy.

Art Gallery

  • Gallery Endowment Fund 037RT04283
  • Exhibitions/Gallery Fund 038RT04166

Arts and Sciences

  • Robert R. Roales NIMS Scholarship 037RT04499
  • IU Kokomo Science Building Equipment Fund 038RT04224
  • Colonial Dames Scholarship 038RT04372


  • Students in Free Enterprise 032RT04219
  • Business and Economics Acct. Scholarship 038RT04075
  • IU Kokomo School of Business Fund For Excellence 038RT04331

Continuing Studies

  • Donald Lane Memorial Scholarship 038RT04240

Destination Education

  • Destination: Education IUK Scholarship 038RT04141


  • Alpha Delta Kappa Tau Chapter Scholarship 032RT04235
  • Rich Excellence in Teaching Fund 037RT04028
  • Elementary Education Fund 038RT04109
  • IU Kokomo Division of Education 038RT04455


  • Kokomo Special Expense Fund 032RT04060
  • IU Kokomo Enhancement Fund 032RT04086
  • IU Kokomo Equipment Fund 038RT04034
  • IU Kokomo Office of Student Success and Advising032RT04326
  • Havens Auditorium Rehabilitation Fund 038RT04083
  • Indiana University Kokomo Fund 038RT04091
  • D:E IUK Administration Fund 038RT04190
  • Kelley House Remodel & Maintenance Fund 038RT04299
  • IU Kokomo Athletics Programs 032RT04300

General Scholarship (some restriction apply)

  • Sarah Blossey Scholarship 037RT04010
  • Thompson Minority Scholarship 037RT04085
  • IU Kokomo Athletic Scholarship fund038RT04505
  • Singled Out For Success Scholarship Fund 037RT04135
  • Wabash County Student Scholarship 037RT04168
  • IU Kokomo Scholarship For Part-time Students 037RT04267
  • Kokomo Womans Dept. Club Scholarship 037RT04317
  • Dr. Ruth Person Scholarship 037RT04481
  • Indiana University Kokomo Alumni Association (IUKAA) Scholarship 037RT04507
  • Douglas A. Fraser Scholarship Fund 038RT04018
  • Beauchamp Scholarship 038RT04042
  • IU Kokomo Scholarship Program 038RT04125
  • Cream and Crimson Roundtable Scholarship 038RT04182

Honors Student Scholarship

  • IU Kokomo Honors Program Scholarship 038RT04273


  • Sally Ayn Black Memorial Award 032RT04201


  • IU Kokomo Library Fund038RT04026


  • IU Kokomo Nursing Nightingale Account 032RT04128
  • Nursing Clinical Simulation Laboratory Fund 032RT04268
  • IU Kokomo Nursing Scholarship 037RT04200
  • IU Kokomo School of Nursing 038RT04463

Radiologic Technology

  • IU Kokomo Medical Imaging Technology 038RT04489
  • IU Kokomo Science in Radiological Tech 038RT04497

Service Award

  • Virgil Hunt Service Awards 038RT04406


  • Milt & Jean Cole Family Wellness & Fitness Center032RT04292


  • IU Kokomo Student Foundation032RT04102
  • Student in Crisis Fund032RT04334


  • Emita B. Hill Scholarship Fund 038RT04208

Travel/Arts and Sciences

  • Kathleen Ligocki International Studies Travel Program 038RT04414